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This is a blue, indigo or deep green mineral that can be found in massive or bladed form, sometimes with feathery fibrous aspects that appear metallic or reflective. Vivianite that is deep green resonates with the inner-Earth; whilst those that are blue or indigo have a closer resonance with the ocean depths. Either can aid communion with the elementals of earth and water, and with those who guard the knowledge of the hidden depths of the planet - both those of the inner earth, and those of the animal Kingdom, including elephants, whales and the cephalopods, including octopus and squid. Conversely, indigo material also provides a connection to the wisdom that exists outside Earth in the Cosmos, and can assist in grounding and expanding lines of communication that originate in deep space. Because of the link with earth and water, Vivianite may also be of use in healing or balancing of the physical body and the emotions; and can awaken and balance the heart, brow and throat.
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Vivianite: polished pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Vivianite polished pieces. You will receive one of average weight 2 grams. This stone provides a connection to...

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