Red Tourmaline

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Red Tourmaline (Uvite) is sometimes called Rubellite, which (strictly speaking) is the name for Pink Tourmaline. Red tourmaline shares many of the attributes of pink tourmaline, but is stronger in its effects. It is also useful in strengthening the base chakra and aligning it with the heart, so that one's innate compassion may be more fully grounded within the world.
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(image for) Tourmaline - Red (Uvite): crystal piece (AA grade)

Tourmaline - Red (Uvite): crystal piece (AA grade)

AA grade Uvite (Red Tourmaline) crystal piece with sides mostly intact. Nice deep rose-red colour and good clarity, but no terminations. Size: 1.25 x...

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(image for) Tourmaline - Red (Uvite): crystals (xsmall)

Tourmaline - Red (Uvite): crystals (xsmall)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Red Tourmaline (Uvite) crystals. You will receive one crystal that is less than 1 cm in length.

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