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Ussingite is a Sodium Silicate mineral that forms in pegmatite masses, and can be coloured pink or lilac through to red-violet. It can be found in association with other minerals, including Albite, Sodalite and Aegirine. Such combinations create very powerful tools for transformation. Most specimens come from Russia, Canada or Greenland.
Ussingite helps us recognize the correlations between our physical, thinking, reactive and spiritual Selves, and can bring balance such that we may more clearly comprehend Universal Truths and Laws. It also has a balancing effect on the body, helping to stabilise and regulate many body systems, including blood pressure, blood cell count, acid/alkali balance and body temperature.
When combined with Aegirine detoxification is also promoted along with stimulation and energising of all bodily systems. On a spiritual level this combination is especially supportive to positive and enlightened action, helping one to recognise, connect with and then "set" new energetic resonances and patterns within our evolving energy field as we move with positivity and commitment towards our personal Ascension.
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