Bruneau (Cappuccino) Jasper

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Bruneua Jasper is also called Cappuccino Jasper, for obvious reasons! It is not just its colouring that suggests this, but it is also a warming and comforting stone that can be both stimulating and grounding - just like chocolate and coffee.
This a gentle and "happy" stone, with a sweet energy that would be of use when you feel you need a hug or a pick-me-up. Its colouring means it can be earthy and grounding, but not to excess - thus it may be a more comfortable grounding choice for those that dislike the strength of black or deeper coloured stones. It may also help connect you to the element of earth, and with the elementals of earth - the gnomes - so that you may learn to work with the natural world with greater compassion and understanding.
(image for) Bruneau (Cappuccino) Jasper: tumbled stones

Bruneau (Cappuccino) Jasper: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Bruneau (Cappuccino) Jasper tumbled stones. You will receive one of average weight 7 grams.

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