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Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a deep green variety of chalcedony containing red inclusions of iron oxide. These inclusions resemble drops of blood, giving its name of bloodstone. A similar variety, in which the spots are yellow instead of red is known as Plasma stone. Sometimes the material has traces of other colours, including blue, tan and yellow, which are usually jaspers or chaceldonies.
Bloodstone is a stone of courage and a stone of sacrifice, often used in decorative pieces or to carve talismans. As its name suggests it can be useful for any physical conditions affecting the heart or circulatory system, and energetically for any situation requiring balance and grounding. It is also useful in working with any issues of the heart and base chakras. Those pieces that include yellow jasper add balance and wisdom to the thinking / mental processes and clarity and strength to the solar plexus centre.
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Bloodstone: tumbled stones

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