Bowenite (NZ Jade)

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Bowenite, also called New Zealand Jade, is precious to the Maori. Strictly speaking it is not a true jade, but its appearance and characteristics means that it acts in much the same way as green jade.
Bowenite is an ancient and wise mineral that is a great shielder and protector, and so can be used to greatly expand the energy field facilitating greater connection to All That Is. Its colour resonates with the heart chakra and is the colour of balance, which provides a breathing space in which to consider the wisdom of our actions. If you suffer from "foot in mouth" syndrome, then this could be a useful crystal for you! All forms of jade are a special gift of the Earth to us, who uses Jade in its many forms to strengthen and enhance our connection with her and show us that she loves and cares for us in so many different ways. Thus it can also aid us in connecting to the wisdom of our ancestors and to the wisdom of the natural world, especially the plants and trees.
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Jade - Bowenite: tumbled stones (New Zealand)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Bowenite Jade tumbled stones. You will receive one of average weight 8 grams. Jade is a special gift of the...

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