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Corals grow naturally within the oceans, being the "skeletons" or inner "bony" structures of minute sea-creatures. Being calcium based minerals, all corals can be of use in supporting the skeletal system, and aiding in the healing of fractures and strains. They can also be used to help commune with the elementals of the sea - the undines - and with all those creatures of many different forms and types that inhabit the oceans.
Our red coral palmstones are purely natural "bamboo corals" that have been coloured by nature. Red coral in its natural form is both rare and hard to source ethically, however we have been assured that this is the "real thing" and NOT a dyed product. These pieces are useful for their energising properties and can be used to gently warm any energy centre that is chilled or lacking in energy.
Likewise the blue coral has not been dyed, and may be used to cool or calm any energy centre of body that is inflamed or over-energised.
The Golden Coracalcites are a recently discovered stone from the Caribbean, which is a calcified form of skeletal coral that is a delicate shade of golden-yellow. It is said to help awaken the Light Body, whilst bringing one into resonance with the spiritual core of the Universe. A truly fabulous blend of animal and mineral.
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(image for) Coral - Blue: polished pieces

Coral - Blue: polished pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Blue Coral polished pieces. You will receive one of 13 grams minimum weight. This colour of coral is cooling...

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(image for) Coral: mixed pack

Coral: mixed pack

This pack contains one polished piece of both blue and red bamboo coral, plus a finger of orange coral that was once part of an antique necklace,...

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(image for) Coral - Red (Bamboo): palmstone

Coral - Red (Bamboo): palmstone

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Red Bamboo Coral Palmstones. You will receive one of average weight 15 grams. This red coral is purely natural...

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