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Cavansite is a pretty bright blue crystal, which often forms as rosettes or platy spheres. It reminds me of tiny blue sputniks! Cavansite is a calcium based mineral (which means it may be found often in combination with calcites and zeolites such as stilbite) that has been coloured by traces of vanadium.
Cavansite's bright blue colour suggests that it is a carrier of the Blue Ray, and as such can be useful at the throat chakra. To me it has a rather "spacey" feel, and would therefore be most useful at the Universal or Base of the Skull centre, which is to be found at the rear and base of the skull, in the area of the occiput bone. This is our higher communication centre, which has also been named the "Mouth of God". Here we align with Universal Life energy through intuitive communication. This was a very active centre in our Ancient past, originating from DNA that was part of the original blueprints for the colonisation of Earth in days prior to Lemuria. Now it serves as an entry point for other Dimensions of consciousness, and is an inter-galactic and inter-dimensional communication centre allowing access to the Universal data banks. It is also a centre designed to support the exchange of telepathic communication, which is the normal mode of communion in Higher Dimensional worlds and as such an important centre for facilitating clear conscious channelling and psychic connections.
(image for) Cavensite (in matrix): polished nodule (India)

Cavensite (in matrix): polished nodule (India)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of A grade Cavensite polished nodules from West India. You will receive one of average weight 50 grams. Each...

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