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Covellite is a copper sulphide mineral with a hardness of 1.5-2. It usually occurs in massive form or as a coating to other copper based minerals, but may sometimes form as tabular crystals with hexagonal striations. Its colour is deep indigo blue, with a metallic sheen that has a play of red or gold on its surface. Very rarely covellite may be found as an inclusion in clear or smoky quartz, when the tiny flecks of the material give off vivid fiery pink flashes as the piece is moved through light. This material is so rare it is generally snapped up by the jewellery trade, who cat it into cabochons for setting in rings etc. However it IS possible to find complete crystals (usually Brazilian) that are simply amazing (and VERY expensive!)
Covellite is of great support to the intuitive and psychic. It stimulates, clears and opens the upper centres and strengthens one's links up/out through the Higher chakras. This means that as well as being useful in communicating with Guides etc, it also connects us strongly to our Higher Self, aiding self-exploration, inner journeying and in reviews of past/present life patterns. As it connects to our Divine Self, so too it is a key to the Akashic records, (which WE write, no-one else!) The copper element makes covellite a very good conductor and grounder of energies, enabling it to support the transfer of high vibrational frequencies to the physical body / earth with clarity and ease. It greatly enhances the energies of any earthly crystals, which is why when combined in quartz it results in such a powerful mineral for linking Heaven to Earth and making it possible for the un-manifest to become manifest.

Covellite: tumbled stones (large)


Covellite: tumbled stones (large)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Covellite tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 20.5 grams. Covellite is of great support to...

2 available

Covellite: slice (Colorado)


Covellite: slice (Colorado)

This is a slice taken through a nodule of Covellite. Its best side is the raw uncut side, which shows a wonderful array of metallic colours in...

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