Citrine (all)

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Citrine is a member of the quartz family and may vary in shade from the palest lemon-yellow through to a deep golden-amber shade. Much citrine that is for sale is in fact heat-treated amethyst, which has value for its colour, but does not hold the same energies as true "natural" citrine. Natural citrine is one of the most expensive of the quartz family due to its rarity in the natural state hence anything "too cheap" may not be the real thing! Natural citrine is excellent for creative work and all endeavours requiring mental focus or concentration. It is clarifying and strengthening and very good at clearing blocks within the lower 3 chakras to permit a freer flow of thoughts, ideas and hence manifestation of any plans and creative efforts. Citrine works particularly well with the solar plexus and with all "ego" issues connected with Will and personal Power.