Inner Light Crystals


These rare crystals, usually found in clusters, pack a powerful punch! They usually form as spiny spheres, like sea urchins, with many tiny crystals coming out from the centre, directing and distributing their energies through 360 degrees. Colours are usually clear, white or orange, with occasional purple / pink. Sometimes they have small fluorite crystals attached to them, which makes a rare and unusual combination. They act to open and expand the energy field and especially the upper chakras (Linear state) and the heart and alpha centres (Unified state). Accordingly they will facilitate connection with the Universal and Galactic grids, and with the Higher Selves (and thus with the knowledge and information held there). They are also stimulating and energising and useful for have on hand at the start of any / all projects that require creative or intuitive input.

Creedite: crystal cluster

Creedite: crystal cluster

This is a small but nicely formed cluster of deep orange creedite, one side showing where it has been detached from its groundmass. Size 2 x 1.5 x...