A-Z Tumble Stones

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Our Tumbled stones are listed in alphabetical order, sub-divided (see below and in the categories index to the left side of this page) to make navigation of the index easier and quicker. Items are organised in alphabetical order according to their family / type (e.g. Agate - Blue Lace; Jasper - Red; Tourmaline - Black). Where some items are more commonly known by specific names (e.g. Unakite, which is actually a type of Jasper, or Dalmation Stone, which is actually a mineral called Aplite) or by descriptive or trademarked names (e.g Nirvana Quartz or Azeztulite) they are additionally indexed according to the name by which they are most likely to be known.
Tumbled stones are the way in which most people purchase stones for healing purposes. Some are what we call "roughs", where very little finishing, if any, has occurred; others are roughly tumbled, merely to round off any sharp or jagged edges; others are fully tumbled and rounded. They are polished from fragments of crystals and minerals which have been broken naturally or by force. This is a lengthy process, taking several days whereby the minerals are tumbled in a series of large revolving drums full of grit and sand in varying grades and sizes, each adding a smoother and finer finish to the stone. The higher the polish, the longer the process - and usually the higher quality (and price!) crystal too. Tumbling stones is an excellent way of ensuring that nothing given by the Earth is wasted! Use in healing to lay upon the body; or as carry or pocket crystals; or as smaller smooth meditation or gridding pieces.