Heart-Flame (Titanium) Aura Qtz - AA grade: crystals (xlarge)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of AA grade Heart Flame Aura Quartz crystals. You will receive one of minimum weight 7.5 grams. This is a new form of Flame Aura (titanium) Quartz, where the temperature and pressure at which the quartz has been treated has been changed. This results in an aura that is predominantly gold and deep pink, producing a stone that is excellent for working at the Highest levels of the heart and high-heart chakras. This variety of titanium quartz is ideal for establishing the energies of Divine Love and Compassion within any part of the energy field, especially where old hurts, pains or trauma are lodged, or where blossoming and growth of your Spirit is being hampered or prevented by a refusal to offer (or receive) forgiveness or mercy - both to the Self, or to others. Thus it may help heal old emotional wounds, by encouraging you to let go of the past, acknowledging and accepting that life is a series of learning opportunities and challenges that you have chosen to help you grow. Heart-flame Aura holds and promotes true generosity and wisdom of spirit, and is also a wonderful crystal to give to friends and loved ones.
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