Clear / Citrine Quartz: polished point (Madagascar)

This clear / citrine quartz has a very pale yellow tinge. Although there is a minor ding on one side where two planes meet, its inner beauty is astounding, and in the sun it is crammed with rainbows! This is because of the numerous air and water inclusions that have created what are known to mineralogists as 'negative crystals' within. This is not bad (!): it merely refers to inclusions that APPEAR to be crystals, but which are in fact empty space whose boundaries have been defined such that they look to be crystals. They tend to look more rounded and less well-defined than 'normal' manifestation crystals, yet have the same esoteric properties - but with more freedom for manifestation of whatever you truly wish for, without condition or constraint. This crystal has all the characteristics of a skeletal quartz, even though nearly all the surface has been polished off; and has a very positive, happy and joyful energy that is longing to work with its Keeper!
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