Midnight-Sun (Titanium) Aura Qtz - AA grade: crystals (xsmall)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of AA grade Midnight Sun Aura Quartz crystals. You will receive one of minimum weight 0.5 grams.
This is a new form of Flame (Titanium) Aura Quartz that has been exposed at different heat and pressure to the usual form. This has resulted in an aura that is a deep golden colour, with aspects of deep blue and magenta. As such, it has a depth that promotes working with the deepest and darkest parts of the shadow-self, to enable them to be addressed with the Highest Divine Wisdom, and thus be more easily accepted and assimilated into your self-identity. Midnight Sun Aura shines a Light into the darkest places, and shows that the Divine embraces ALL, and rejects nothing... for, after all, EVERYTHING that exists is of the Divine, and it only through wholeness and acceptance of all of the Self that you may return to Unity and Oneness with All That IS. Accordingly this stone offers strength and courage - and aids the faint-hearted in becoming full hearted! Those who undertake shamanic work, or find they work at the edges of "reality" may find this to be a very useful ally.
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