Clear Quartz / Tibetan Tektite: Merkaba Master Healer Set

This Master Healer set of 8 Merkaba were hand-cut in Sri Lanka for Robert Simmons of Heaven and Earth in the US, and have been in my personal healing and teaching collection for nearly 20 years. Although small, the precision of their cut means that they are very powerful, enhanced by the clarity of the top quality material from which they were made. I have found them to be very useful for clearing and balancing the energy bodies, and as a focus for meditation and journeying in order to expand the consciousness to connect with Higher Beings, and /or to experience the Higher Dimensions and BEing in Light Body state (see header notes). They may be used in many ways: for example, you could work with them one at a time, or with a group of 7 or 8 other people; you could place them equidistant around the body, with the Tektite above the head OR below the feet, and with the Sphere at the heart; or you could place one Clear Quartz on each chakra with the Tektite at the Earth Star, and the Sphere at the Soul Star. Their potential is limitless, but you will need to be careful how you use them, and be used to working with powerful energies. Robert Simmons wrote about these precision cut merkabas in 2001, when he observed that the Clear Quartz ones are the most multipurpose, whilst the Tibetan Tektite ones will activate the Kundalini. A harmoniously matched Clear Quartz Sphere is included.
For sizes, see picture; total weight 16 grams
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