Siberian Ruby: 5 piece set of Platonic Solids

This 5-piece Platonic Solid set has been in my personal teaching collection for nearly 20 years. Each piece was individually and precisely hand-cut in Sri Lanka for Robert Simmons of Heaven and Earth in the US from a piece of very rare Siberian lab-grown Ruby (NOT to be confused with Siberian Ruby Quartz!). Although very small, the precision of the cutting means that each one is very powerful; whilst the Ruby (being lab-grown) has a perfect matrix that holds no historic energies: thus its integrity makes it ideal for working at a very clear and precise level. You may use this set in many ways, both for healing and for personal and spiritual growth; and may find it very interesting to explore the many inner and outer worlds that each symbolic shape may convey (see more about this in the header section). Robert Simmons wrote about these cut solids in 2001, when he observed that the ones made of lab-grown Ruby were the most intense for enhancing the prana (or life-force energy): indeed, these pieces connect powerfully with the Ruby Ray - the fundamental creative energy, the Elemental Expression of Divine Love, that holds the duality of stillness in motion through the stillness of a strong centre, which permits and enables evolution and change through its life-enhancing potential and energy.< br />For sizes, see picture; total weight 7.2 grams
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