Rutilated Clear Quartz: 'Vogel' Star

This 'Vogel' Table Star was precision-cut and polished from high-grade Rutilated Clear Quartz by Ray Pinto; and has been in my personal collection for over 20 years. The quartz is wonderfully clear, and crammed with radiating masses of silver rutile. It has been cut into the shape known as a 'Vogel' Star, which has two distinct sides: the front (male side) is flat, with an upward pointing triangle in its centre; the back (female side) is fatter and has a downward pointing triangle in its centre. When you look through it, you will see the six-pointed star that is a symbol used for millennia to represent the merging of the higher and lower worlds, enabling us to connect to the Divine on our path of spiritual evolution. Marcel Vogel (more in section heading) recognised this to be a versatile power tool for Lightworkers that could serve as a receiver, amplifier and transmitter of Universal Life-force Energy, whilst simultaneously charging and strengthening the bearer's bio-field (aura), to enable them to 'tune-in' to Source and conduct Universal Life-force Energy with greater clarity and effect. This one used to stand ('male' face out) in an Amethyst Cavern in one corner of our therapy room, where it constantly charged our healing space with its protective Light: if and as the circumstance demanded, it could also be charged with vibrational 'Petaltone' or 'Aura Soma' essences, and be turned to stand 'female' face out in order to flood our healing space with the energetic vibrations required.
Size: 7 x 6 x 2 cm
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