Candle (Celestial) Quartz: crystal - Star Generator Cathedral

This Candle (Celestial) Quartz crystal from Madagascar has been in my personal collection for many years. It has grown in the very rare Star Generator formation: when looked at from above you can clearly see how the edges of the faces form a six-rayed star, almost as if a starfish is sitting on the apex. The centres of the faces of the termination are all deeply elestiated; whilst the sides of the crystal are covered with elestiated candling that runs both up AND down the sides, which is quite a rare occurrence. The colour is predominantly pure chalky-white, although one side is covered with pale grey-brown deposits that make it look a little dusty! Being both an Elestial and Cathedral crystal this one is capable of holding a vast quantum of information and records, both of this Earth and from outside it – and, in this case, the access and communication of such data is a two-way experience. The 'star' formation of this generator crystal also indicates that it may aid its user in co-operative working with Starry / off-planet Beings: care must be taken, however, to maintain pure connections throughout, to avoid transmission of false or misleading material - hence its new Keeper ideally needs to be a Star-seed or someone who is close to their starry roots and who is used to working with powerful off-planet energies; for they will be best able to access, work with and share some amazing material and information.
Size: 12.25 x 5.5 x 4.75 cm
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