‘Mirrors of The Soul’

These earrings have been designed to promote a strong aura and Energy Body, with emphasis on the base and crown chakras, and the Body and the Spirit. They have been made using 26cm (1.4 grams) of Sterling silver, set with 4 pieces of Black Tourmaline, and 2 pieces each of Clear Quartz, Snow Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz and Hematite; and are finished with hammered drops of silver. The drops and crystals have been symmetrically balanced and aligned to enable the left/right sides of the brain to function harmoniously.
The silver drops represent the energy of the soul or spirit, and are symbolic of the ability to align all aspects of the Self that embrace the worlds of humanity and Spirit, in order to know Truth. The Black Tourmaline grounds the Higher and lower Self and the heart through the aura and pranic core, creating a safe space in which ‘The Self’ IS all there is; the Hematite creates a double-sided mirror around the aura - the outer side shielding and protecting it from outside influences, the inner side enabling the True reflection of ALL aspects of the Self to be clearly seen; the Clear Quartz helps bring forward ‘masculine’ characteristics as defined through the base, solar plexus and throat chakras, and enhances logic and reason; the Snow Quartz helps bring forward ‘feminine’ characteristics as defined through the sacral, heart and brow chakras, and enhances intuition and imagination; and the Tourmalinated Quartz amplifies and grounds the actions and effects of all the crystals, supporting body, mind and spirit in BEing in appropriate balance.
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