‘Quiet Mind’

These earrings have been designed to promote a calm mind, with emphasis on the base, sacral and earth star chakras, the Body and the Emotions. They have been made using 28cm (1.5 grams) of Sterling silver, set with 4 pieces of Smoky Quartz, and 2 pieces each of Black Tourmaline, Amber and Snow Quartz; and are finished with balance scales of silver. The scale balances and crystals have been symmetrically balanced and aligned to enable the left/right sides of the brain to function harmoniously.
The silver balances represent the energy of the soul or spirit, and are symbolic of the Scales of Justice, and of the importance of having a heart centre that is clear and balanced. The Snow Quartz provides an all-embracing sanctuary of peace and tranquillity that gives respite to the soul and allows the body to simply rest and relax; the Amber brings healing to the mind and the emotions, allowing a return to a state of compassionate Grace from which all that comprises ‘Life’ may be viewed in a new and accepting light; the Smoky Quartz gently clears the body, mind and emotions of troublesome or negative thoughts and promotes restful sleep; and the Black Tourmaline grounds and protects the body, offering a safe and supportive space, whilst aligning the energy body and aura with the Earth’s magnetic field for optimum balance.
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