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This fabulous 4cm long Labradorite (Spectrolite) pendant is set in 4.7 grams of sterling silver. The 43 carat tear-drop shaped cabochon has a rounded front and flat back, and flashes with deep royal blue, turquoise and green light. The highly polished gem is set in a deceptively simple clasp, hugged by 3 gently rounded arms and with its back supported by a circlet of silver. This is surmounted by a broad curl of silver that extends above the crystal to form a sturdy loop, through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong.
Labradorite’s constantly shifting Light offers a cloak of camouflage and protection as you walk the labyrinths and mazes of your Life, helping you manage your fears in order to take appropriate controlof a situation: this makes it a powerful ally if ever you feel unsafe or ill at ease, or if you are confronted by darkness or danger. Labradorite with blue and green colour-play strongly supports your heart and throat chakras - inspiring clear communication on all levels, balancing your mind and emotions, and motivating all acts of compassionate love through your heart-flames of Love and Will. Labradorite can also help you pierce the ‘veils of illusion’, making it easier to pinpoint what is realistic, relevant and important (and what is not!). This can help you look more dispassionately at whatever is happening in your life, and understand how letting something go may help life flow with greater ease and effect, thus restoring inner balance.
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