This amazing 5.2cm long Smoky / Clear Included Quartz pendant is set in 4.9 grams of sterling silver. The 94 carat standing-stone-shaped and polished crystal is gently rounded on all sides; and its lightly veiled and layered interior holds multiple coppery-black clusters dots and strings of Hematite and Lepidocrocite. The crystal is held by two sturdy silver wires, whose four hammered ‘snake-head’ ends clasp the front of the crystal without obscuring the beauty within; whilst on the back a long tongue of silver supports and secures these wires, and extends above the crystal to form a flat hooked loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong.
Smoky and Clear Quartz together embody the Heart and Soul of the Earth. Through this crystal you may ground strongly to the heart of the Earth and the heart of yourself, which IS the root of ALL that you are; and gain the clarity to know the multiplicity and vastness of your True Self. The iron-based inclusions will link all your chakras through your Pranic Core, balancing and aligning you in Body, Mind and Spirit; and aiding you in connecting with your Higher Self and the Spiritual World that supports you. In this way those that are ‘As One’ within this crystal may teach you to see the ‘bigger picture’, giving you the faith and trust to let go and simply ALLOW everything to flow, in accordance with the Greater Plan. They may then aid and support you in achieving a state of BEing that understands how to shift between stillness and movement; calm reflection and positive movement at will, enabling problems and blocks to be mastered with greater ease.
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