This wonderful 6cm long Rutilated Smoky Quartz pendant is set in 4.9 grams of sterling silver. The 136 carat tongue-shaped cabochon has a gently rounded front and back, and is filled with ultra-fine needles of gold and silver Rutile, some of which are curved. A single curved band of silver holds the crystal in an understated yet secure embrace without obscuring the beauty within, extending above the body of the crystal to form a sturdy hook through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong.
Smoky Quartz embodies the Body and Heart of the Earth. The iron core of the Earth is a part of its fabric, and thus it carries the vibration of earthly Life itself - for from the core does all spring forth, and to the core will all eventually return. The Rutile held within this crystal is born of Titanium, and is regarded as a prime conductor of energy and a wonderful tool for amplification and magnification. Accordingly, this crystal is ideal to use for connecting to (and communicating with) all sources of Higher Guidance that can give you the wisdom and strength you need in order to manifest what you truly desire. Manifestation of these profound truths is best achieved when you are fully grounded - and this crystal will help you ground to the heart of the Earth and the heart of yourself, which IS both your centre and the root of all that you are: then, knowing yourself - fully and completely - you will know true strength, which ONLY comes from within.
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