This fabulous 5.7cm long Included Girasol-Quartz pendant is set in 5.7 grams of sterling silver. The 130 carat tear-drop shaped polished crystal has a high rounded front and gently rounded back, and is crammed with layered tubules of Sagenite and cloud-like layers and spherules of green and black Chlorite. The crystal is held in a deceptively simple clasp, with its back supported by a curving C-shaped tongue of silver: this secures four smaller silver tongues, three of which curve gently around the base of the crystal to hold it secure, and one of which extends above the crystal to form a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. A smaller coil of silver wire adorns the top of the crystal, winding gently around it to mirror the layers within the Quartz, whilst holding it safely in place.
Girasol Quartz has a dreamlike energy, and a spiritual presence that possesses a gentle healing quality. In this crystal this is greatly enhanced by the Chlorite that permeates its essence, which offers a profound connection to the natural world and to the healing Wisdom of the Elementals of earth (Body), sea (Emotions) and sky (Mind). The Sagenite extends this further, its 'empty' tubules layered within the crystal offering safe passage into other Worlds: combined AS ONE with the cleansing power of the green-white clouds of Chlorite, this promotes discernment, encourages positivity, and brings full-spectrum Light to shine into the nooks and crannies of all that comprises LIFE, whilst promoting Wisdom and Truth to reign over whatever is revealed there.
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