This beautiful 3.2cm long Blue Lace Agate pendant is set in 2.5 grams of sterling silver. The 49 carat polished rounded oval of Blue Lace Agate is a AAA grade stone, with clearly defined blue and white layers of Chalcedony and sparkling clear Quartz. The gem is held in an intricate grasp best seen from the back, where a silver ‘H’ is mounted over a wide silver ‘Y’: the ends of the H spiral into an open ‘cone’ at the top of the front face, and a hammered ‘snakes-head’ at the foot of the front face; whilst two arms of the Y support the bottom of the Agate, and one creates a sturdy loop at the top, through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong.
Blue Lace Agate calms, cools and soothes the body, mind and emotions, supporting you in expressing yourself through words both spoken and written. Its pale blue colour helps you clarify and actively realise your Soul’s purpose and inherent desires whilst retaining inner calm and equilibrium; whilst its layers of white Chalcedony and clear Quartz embrace the full spectrum of Light and the absolute clarity of Source, supplying all that you might ever need to draw upon to effect manifestation. This is supported by the open cone / silver spiral at the top of the crystal, which represents the fully opened crown chakra, ready to receive the Lightning Bolt of Illumination; and by the rearing snakes head, which represents the attainment of Personal Sovereignty through Self-mastery.
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