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This fabulous 4.5 cm long Lithium Quartz crystal pendant is set in 3 grams of sterling silver. The crystal is double-terminated and has an Elestial formation. It is held in a deceptively simple clasp and rests on a long tongue of silver that forms a diamond-shaped loop at the top, through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. A silver wire twines around the body of the crystal to hold it securely in place, finishing in a spiral at the top and a tear-drop at the bottom. Silver represents the energy of the soul or spirit. The spiral is symbolic of the growth and the transformation of the Inner (spiritual) Self; the tear-drop is symbolic of the Element of Water and the Emotions.
Lithium is used to help balance the emotions and deal with extreme states such as anger, aggression, depression, worry, anxiety or tension. Clear Quartz amplifies the Lithium, and strengthens its properties, making it a wonderful aid for relaxation and for finding a measure of serenity and calm - helping us to ‘let go’ and surrender to our Spirit. Elestial crystals have, by their nature, an innate connection to the Realms of the Angels, helping access their Wisdom and Guidance. Archangel Tzadkiel has links with this crystal, and he explains: ‘This is a stone of profound peace and transformation that can calm your mind and ease your Spirit, helping to return both to their true and innate state of tranquil and open acceptance. May it offer you the fortitude you need to evolve and grow, and give you the Will to move forwards in the Light of Grace, enabling you to become more perfectly aligned with your Highest purpose, and thence truly know Peace.’
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