This elegant 7 x 4 cm pendant has been designed to help clear and calm the mind, with emphasis on the base and throat chakras, the Body and the Emotions. It has been made using 3.3grams of Sterling silver, set with 4 pieces of Smoky Quartz, 3 pieces of Black Tourmaline, 2 pieces each of Blue Chrysocolla and Snowflake Obsidian, and 1 piece each of Blue Lace Agate and Snow Quartz; and is finished with a heart-spiral of silver.
The silver heart-spiral represents the energy of the soul or spirit, centred and grounded through the heart. The Black Tourmaline helps ground the Higher and lower Self through the heart and pranic core, creating a safe space in which to re-centre and ground all thoughts and emotions; the Smoky Quartz gently clears the body, mind and emotions of any troublesome or negative thoughts, and promotes a state of restful calm; the Snowflake Obsidian supports inner contemplation, enabling one to make clear and reasoned decisions that can positively shape how Life is lived – and how happiness is found; the Blue Chrysocolla draws the Light of Inspiration down through the throat to the heart, helping inspire and refine all decision-making processes in alignment with the Greater needs and desires of the Higher Self; the Snow Quartz creates an all-embracing sanctuary of peace and tranquillity that gives respite to the body, mind and soul; whilst the Blue Lace Agate provides a cool and calm breathing space, in which one may simply relax and BE.
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