This wonderful 4 cm long Indigo Kyanite pendant is set in 2.8 grams of sterling silver. The 48 carat highly-polished bladed crystal has its curved base and back supported by a long tongue of silver, which extends above the crystal to form a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. A sturdy silver wire with hammered ‘snake-head’ ends winds twice around the centre of the crystal, holding it in a secure embrace without obscuring the beauty within.
Indigo Kyanite has a natural ‘bladed’ formation that can help cut through and clear away negative energies, effectively removing the ‘old’ to make way for the ‘new’. Its deep colour vibrates to a surprisingly high frequency, and can provide a protective shield that both grounds and protects: this is because Indigo unites Blue and Black Light, attracting the energies and environment that allow only honest and truthful communication and manifestation to take place. Indigo Kyanite is the stone that forms the grip of Archangel Michael’s sword, and this pendant may draw his energies closer - simply imagine that he stands behind you, wrapping his wings around you so that you are completely enfolded in their soft brilliance. He says: ‘My wings of Light provide a powerful cloak of protection that allows the passage of only that which is True and Pure, for every Soul has the Divine Right to BE always in the Truth and Light of their own nature. So feel the strength of my Being embrace you, and see me hold my sword aloft, to guide you with its fiery Light and hold you securely within its brilliant protection.’
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