This powerful 4 cm long Indigo Kyanite pendant is set in 2.5 grams of sterling silver. The 47 carat highly-polished bladed crystal is held in an unusual orientation with the narrowest side facing out from the body to keep it as ‘natural’ as possible. The back of the crystal is supported by a curving tongue of silver, which extends above the crystal to form a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. The broad sides of the crystal are both embellished with a ‘snake’ of silver wire, whose hammered ends and sinuous curves serve to hold the bladed crystal securely in place. The Kyanite has a good clarity and a fine deep colour, its striated structure aligning perfectly with the vertical orientation of the pendant.
Indigo Kyanite clears, opens, unifies, balances and grounds all the energies of the primary chakras, Energy centres and Etheric bodies. As a carrier of the Indigo Ray, Indigo Kyanite can open the brow chakra and align it with the Universal and Soma centres of the Unified Body, whilst stimulating the brain's neural pathways that activate the Soul’s connection to the multidimensional Universal ‘databanks’ of the Cosmos and beyond. If used with focus and intent, this can offer profound insights when accessed through meditation, journeying, dreaming or astral travel, serving to awaken one to the reality of BEing much more than the ‘you’ that you are aware of in this human embodiment; and highlighting the relative ‘smallness’ of what we believe to be our reality, when seen against ALL that truly comprises the vastness of the Universe. Ultimately this may lead one to the Grail – which IS Enlightenment.
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