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This lovely 3.5 cm long Mahogany Obsidian pendant is set in 4.4 grams of sterling silver. The 20 carat oval polished cabochon has a flat back and gently rounded front, with drifting clouds of mahogany brown within the predominantly black obsidian: when held in a bright light, softly flowing ‘layers and waves’ are clearly visible within the darkness, giving it a very subtle sheen. The cabochon is held in a deceptively simple clasp, with its back supported by a deep oval of silver, and with its front embraced by two narrow diagonal bands of silver. A rounded closed hook of silver holds the cabochon securely at the top, extending above and over it to form a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong.
The red-brown aspects of Mahogany Obsidian are coloured by the element of iron, and it is this that adds strength to the inherent protective and grounding qualities of the Black Obsidian. Its reflective attributes allow it to act as a mirror, deflecting undesirable energies that are external to the Self, whilst also allowing for clear and exacting examination of ones own motives (if and where they are relevant). This may be both intense and revealing, yet will also be both compassionate and supportive, especially with regard to our innate ‘human’ thought processes and the reactive emotions these can engender. Additionally, despite (or maybe because of!) its lack of crystalline structure, its iron-based grounding attributes provide a core strength and stability that will support us in appropriately addressing and dealing with issues of an unpredictable or unexpected nature, which so often confront us in everyday life.
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