This striking 6.1 cm long Nephrite Jade pendant is set in 4.7 grams of sterling silver. The 70 carat 3-sided pillar of Jade has gently rounded edges, and has been polished to reveal its deep-green colour and sheen. The widest side of the pillar lies next to the body, and is supported by a long tongue of silver that curves around its base and extends above it to form a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. A long looping wire of silver forms a supportive ‘X’ near the base of the pillar, before twisting into a helix at the back and curving up and over the shoulders of the pillar to finish with hammered ‘snake-head’ ends at the front.
The 3-sided pillar reflects the 3 stages of Creation, and illustrates the spiritual axiom ‘thought, word and deed’, which underpins all acts of manifestation. Green Jade powerfully grounds the Green Ray, and is in harmony with all the realms of nature that can help you connect with the heart of the Earth: this will support you in being fully balanced and grounded as you seek out your Truths; and aid you in taking positive action to bring your dearest hopes and desires to life. Green Jade is also very supportive to the heart centres, with a balancing energy that can offer your body, mind, emotions and spirit both healing and strength; whilst its simple honesty helps you appreciate all the gifts that life brings, whatever form they take: in so doing, Green Jade encourages you to count your Blessings, and have the perspicacity to recognise that the Universe is as magnificently abundant as you can accept it to be.
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