This fabulous 2.6 cm long Blue-John Fluorite pendant is set in 2.2 grams of sterling silver. The 35 carat cut and polished wide triangular cabochon has gently rounded sides, with a flat back and a well-shaped domed face. The body of this rare form of Fluorite is mainly golden-yellow, but with one indigo corner and some darker lining through the body. The cabochon is held in what (seen from the front) appears to be a simple clasp, with its lower corner held in a loop of silver that curves up the back of the crystal and cups the upper corners in curls of silver with hammered ‘snake-head’ ends. Hidden from view, however, another length of silver spirals anti-clockwise over the back of the crystal and coils into a circle at the top, through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. This design ensures that whilst the crystal’s beauty remains fully exposed to view, the enigmatic silver detailing is worn next to the body, and thus its significance is known primarily to the wearer.
The gold and indigo colours of the Fluorite link and support the solar plexus and brow chakras, connecting the logical ‘thinking’ mind and the intuition, and allowing for infinite expansion of our understanding of who (and what) we truly ARE. The Ascended Master John links with this crystal, and he explains: “Through this crystal you may recognise and reunite with those aspects of your soul and Divine Self from whom you have been separated for so long in your descent into physical substance and the world of matter. Together we may help you accept and ground them into the physical substance of your Being and the world of matter that you now inhabit, so you may be One with your Self and know yourself fully. In this way you may in turn show others how they too can BE, simply by Being. I call you to remember... I awaken you with these words and with this touch upon your mind... Remember... Remember... Remember...”
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