This beautiful 5.4 cm long Labradorite pendant is set in 6.6 grams of sterling silver. The 45 carat cut and polished ovoid cabochon has a flat back and gently rounded face and sides, and shows a wonderful clarity when light shines through it. When worn the pendant flashes with silver sparks, with its predominant colour play being in (the rare and unusual) tones of pink, purple and violet, with some additional flashes of turquoise and gold visible as the light shifts. The cabochon is supported on a substantial tear-drop shaped band of silver, which has a coiled loop affixed at the top through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. Two flame-shaped tongues of silver hold the lower part of the crystal securely in place, along with two gently curving silver wires that curl over the shoulders of the crystal to the apex of the mount – their shape suggestive of the characteristic form of a flame.
The Amethyst Flame is an aspect of the alchemical Violet Ray of Transmutation and Transformation. It shines a clear and refined Spiritual Light upon all that it touches, revealing its true nature and highlighting anything that is not of its original consciousness, in order that it may be returned to the Highest Light of its essential and fundamental Purity – i.e. as it was first created or made manifest. Held ‘as ONE’ with this special piece of Labradorite, here it makes a powerful tool to aid and support self-understanding and self-transformation, helping the wearer pierce the ‘veils of illusion’ and look more dispassionately at the heart of whatever is revealed: the application of the Flame may then aid in cleansing and clearing the environment and/or body, mind or spirit of anything that clouds inner and outer vision or conceals the Truth, and thus offering the freedom to move onwards in Life with renewed energy and purpose.
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