This eye-catching 5.1 cm long Lapis Lazuli pendant is set in 4.2 grams of sterling silver. The 45 carat wedge-shaped piece of polished Lapis is a nice deep blue, and is well-balanced with ample areas of creamy calcite and traces of golden pyrites. The stone is supported by a long tongue of silver that curves around its base and extends above it to form a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. A long silver wire embraces the stone and secures it, bending back on itself at the base, and curving up and round the stone to its centre-back and left-hand shoulder respectively – the latter end coiling over to the front of the stone, where it finishes in a clockwise spiral with a tear-drop shaped end.
Here the deep blue of Lapis Lazuli, with its golden inclusions of iron pyrite, acts to ground the resonance of the Fire, Light and Illumination of the New Dawn Flame. The primary purpose of this Flame is to illuminate and aid profound processes of honest and compassionate self-examination, in order to bring about greater self-awareness, self-understanding and self-acceptance: thus it may be used to help the wearer catalyse and embrace radical and self-empowering change. Lapis Lazuli’s colours make it an excellent support for the solar plexus, third eye and throat chakras, helping clarify and balance the logical ‘thinking’ mind whilst strongly activating the intuitive mind and its extrasensory abilities. The colours of blue and gold symbolise the combining of Power with Wisdom, and so as it aligns and balances these energy centres Lapis may also facilitate connection to the inspiration and Wisdom of the Higher-self, helping in accessing past-life information, understanding or knowledge that may be of use in the NOW. This is aided by the deposits of creamy Calcite, which help by clearing blockages in order to allow that which is received to be grounded and assimilated with greater ease.
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