This rare and unusual 4.6 cm long Mexican-Crazy-Lace Agate pendant is set in 3.7 grams of sterling silver. The 45 carat oval cabochon has a flat back and gently rounded face, which has been polished to show off its warm cream and reddish-brown colouring, along with the lacy brecciated patterning that is so typical of this rare form of Agate. The stone is clasped by a diagonal tongue of silver, and supported by two sturdy silver wires that curve around the front of the cabochon, holding it securely without obscuring its patterning and colour. A second tongue of silver supports its back, curling over the top into a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong.
Mexican Crazy Lace Agate has the power to ground and strengthen on many levels, aiding and supporting one in attaining and maintaining a perfect state of balance within body, mind and emotions, no matter what challenges Life presents. Of course living and BEing in serene and constant balance is never easy – for to truly ‘be in the flow’, knowing instinctively why, when and how to act in every moment, means having the courage to examine your Self and your motivations with a clear and honest heart: such strength of mind, empowered by this Agate, will however open you to your Highest power and potential, enabling Universal Energy to flow without restraint, and bringing the perfect clarity, infinite inspiration and boundless vitality that will enhance your Life and enable you to make your dreams become your reality.
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