This fabulous 3.3 cm long Blue-John Fluorite pendant is set in 2.5 grams of sterling silver. The 38 carat cut and polished long triangular cabochon has gently rounded sides, with a flat back and a well-shaped domed face. The body of this rare form of Fluorite is mainly deep indigo in colour, with paler layered ‘waves’ visible when held to the light. The cabochon is secured by a long tongue of silver – its lower part dividing to create a ‘Y’ that clasps the crystal securely just above its point; its upper part supporting its back and curling over the top to form a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. A sturdy silver wire with hammered ends adds its embrace to the crystal, curving around the body before twisting up into a matched pair of ‘swan-necks’ at the top, suggestive of an open heart.
Indigo Fluorite has an affinity with the brow chakra and the intuitive mind. It has hidden depths and an intensity that is able to fire and inspire ‘Soul’ connections on all levels, helping to strengthen the bonds that create ‘family’ and unite us in both the world of spirit and the world of form. This piece also attracts the wisdom of Black Swan, who teaches about the healing power of love, and helps us understand the importance of empathy and trust in creating and maintaining relationships that are both strong and enduring. Being in any relationship where each one first and foremost tenderly cares for the spirit and emotions of the other(s) with understanding and compassion is a rare yet wonderful thing – and for those whose hearts have been broken or damaged, opening one’s Self to this more pure form of BEing takes courage: nonetheless, the potential rewards of doing so will be found to far outweigh the risks!
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