This unusual 2.8 cm long Amethyst pendant is set in 2.7 grams of sterling silver. The 40 carat Amethyst has been tumble-polished – probably from part of a terminated crystal, as evidenced by the purple 3-armed star that most likely defined where the three largest faces joined. The stone is held by a tongue of silver, one end dividing into a ‘Y’ that supports the bottom of the stone; the other supporting its back, before curling back on itself to form a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. A sturdy silver wire with hammered ends holds the amethyst in a simple embrace that allows the beauty of its patterning to shine through, curling around the body before finishing in a spiral.
All ‘stars’ have an energy and purpose that is unique to their form. Those with three arms or rays fundamentally resonate with the Elements of Air and Water; and with the Feminine aspects of the Universe and the embodied Soul: this makes this pendant a great aid and support for the logical and intuitive mind, helping the wearer to more easily observe and understand their own (and others’) ‘thoughts’ and ‘emotions’; actions and reactions. The purple and white of the amethyst augments this ability, bringing with it the purity and purpose of the Higher Mind whose innate and compassionate detachment may offer you a different perspective on Life – thus facilitating true clarity and balance.
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