This striking 3.8 cm long Carnelian Agate pendant is set in 3.8 grams of sterling silver. The 56 carat Carnelian is shaped like an inverted flame, and has been tumble-polished. It has a good finish and colour, with some internal orbicular markings that can be seen in bright light. The back of the Carnelian is supported by a long tongue of silver that curls back on itself at the top, forming a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. Two sturdy silver wires with hammered ‘snakes-head’ ends twist into intricate patterns on the back of the stone – one then looping around the front to hold the stone in a simple embrace that allows its patterning to shine through; the other curling up and over the top of the stone to hold its shoulders secure.
Carnelian Agate is a Fire Element stone. It is excellent for activating the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras; firing and inspiring all life-force, sexual and creative energies; and empowering our assertive Will. This pendant specifically attracts the Fire Elementals (known as Salamanders), who come to bolster our inner strength and resolve, enabling us to see the truth behind our fears and behaviours, and supporting us in ‘burning away’ any templates and patterns that have resulted in ingrained habits or thought patterns that are no longer helpful or appropriate in our lives. Their presence also boosts physical energy levels, endurance, drive, inner fire and enthusiasm – which is especially useful when the going gets tough!
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