This fabulous 4.2 cm long Labradorite pendant is set in 5.1 grams of sterling silver. The 34 carat cut and polished leaf-shaped cabochon has gently rounded sides, a flat back and a well-shaped domed face. This front face is an amazing (and rare) deep golden colour, with beautiful marbling and veining; whilst the back face is a paler gold, with subtle hints of turquoise. The cabochon has been deliberately set with its back supported by a shape that defines the outline and veining of a leaf, its centre-line curling up and into a sturdy loop through which the wearer may thread a chain or thong. A simple curve of silver and an inverted silver ‘V’ hold it securely at the front: this design ensures that the colour and beauty of the Labradorite remains fully exposed to view; whilst the silver leaf detailing is worn next to the body – its significance thus known primarily to the wearer.
From the very start this cabochon called itself ‘leaf’, and insisted on the somewhat complex nature of its setting! The concept of the season of Autumn – of a life fully experienced and well-lived giving way to a quieter time of contemplation and review as we grow older in years – was also emphasised, encouraging us not only to value what we learn as we move through life, but also to value those who, through age and experience, have gained the Wisdom to teach and Guide those who follow. Leaf also held the Gold colouring of the Labradorite to be important to the finished pendant, saying: ‘...through The Gold Ray that simply IS, the Gold I hold defines, builds, shapes and supports all that is Created: it is everywhere and throughout all the Dimensions and Planes of Reality... it is the warp and weft of the great tapestry of your Life, allowing the spiritual threads of your existences to create magnificent images upon it and telling the stories of your lives...’
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