‘Spirit Matters’

These earrings have been designed to help promote Spiritual expansion through the heart, with emphasis on the base, heart, crown and soul star chakras; the Soul and the Spirit. They have been made using 32cm (1.7 grams) of Sterling silver, set with 4 pieces each of Rutilated Quartz and Amethyst, and 2 pieces each of Moldavite and Snow Quartz; and are finished with heart spirals of silver. The heart spirals and crystals have been symmetrically balanced and aligned to enable the left/right sides of the brain to function harmoniously.
The heart spirals represent the energy of the soul or spirit, centred and grounded through the heart. The Moldavite provides the impetus for transformation and change, offering the inspiration and flexibility that allows for being inventive, swift and sure when resolving problems; the Amethysts help ground the Spirit, and support the Higher mind and its powers of inner ‘knowing’; the Rutilated Quartz offers the means through which profound or significant Truths that are central to personal growth may be accessed; and the Snow Quartz shines a pure and tranquil Light that cools, calms and restores the body, mind and soul after periods of intense inner work, change or transformation.
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