This elegant rounded 7.5 x 4.5cm pendant has been designed to help promote Spiritual Expansion through the heart, with emphasis on the base, heart, crown and soul star chakras; the Soul and the Spirit. It has been made using 3.6 grams of Sterling silver, set with 6 pieces of Amethyst, 3 pieces each of Moldavite and Rutilated Quartz, and 2 pieces each of Snowflake Obsidian and Snow Quartz; and is finished with a heart-spiral of silver, which spans its centre.
The silver heart-spiral represents the energy of the soul or spirit, centred and grounded through the heart. The Moldavite centred in the spiral is Key to BEing in a state of Illumined Enlightenment through the heart centre, supported by the others that hang below it. The Amethysts (as they deepen in colour) help ground the Spirit and support the Higher mind and its powers of inner ‘knowing’- strengthening the links between mind and soul in order to allow all things to be viewed and considered from the ‘Highest’ perspective possible. At the same time the Snowflake Obsidians and Snow Quartz help to balance and ground the energy body through the pranic core as it moves through its many stages of transformation and growth, whilst the Rutilated Quartz transmits, amplifies and magnifies energy - aiding connection to (and communication with) the Higher Self, and supplying the wisdom and strength required in order to BE in absolute harmony with Divine Will.
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