NATURAL crystals, clusters etc.

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These pages contain our stock of Clear Quartz natural (unpolished) crystals. They have been divided into separate sections for SINGLE terminated crystals; DOUBLE-TERMINATED crystals; and CRYSTAL CLUSTERS - which includes Goedes and Beds.
Clear quartz is most commonly found in enormous massive non-terminated crystalline deposits, but it may also form in crystalline beds, layers and/or caves of terminated crystals, which may be single or double terminated. Beds and geodes may be broken up into smaller clusters, or may be left whole - these can be small or absolutely enormous! Terminated crystals (usually found in beds and layers) can also be tiny or huge, depending on the source and original growth conditions of the quartz.
To read more about the different forms and formations of quartz and their uses, visit our parent site and use the dropdown headed CRYSTAL DIRECTORIES.