about "inner light crystals"

amethyst geode
Amethyst Geode with Chalcedony

"Inner Light Crystals" is part of the "Inner Light" partnership, and is based near the small village of Llechryd, about 4 miles away from Cardigan in South-west Wales. We have many varieties and formations of crystals for sale, and currently sell crystals and minerals to healers and collectors - and in fact to anyone who loves and wants to buy crystals simply to have them in their life! This page will tell you about our logo, and how we (Hilary and Mark, who run "Inner Light") came to get involved (in this lifetime!) with all these wonderful crystals and minerals and how many types and varieties of crystals we now have for sale.

We do not sell from shop premises and much prefer people to visit us and see and handle the crystals before buying. However, recognising that getting to us to buy crystals is not practical for everyone, we launched our on-line shop in summer 2010 and finally completed cataloguing and listing everything in it by spring 2012. If there is a special crystal or mineral you need that you cannot find within our on-line shop, simply get in touch and we will see what we can source for you. We purchase new stock at regular intervals, and our "Latest Purchases" page keeps you updated with these and links you to the appropriate pages in the shop as soon as they are catalogued and available. If you are able to visit us, we welcome personal callers (individuals or groups) by appointment, when you will be assured of a personal welcome and our professional assistance in helping you find whatever you need.

how it all began:

It all really began in the 1990s - see Hilary's story further down this page - but in 2003 we started selling crystals in a very small way, buying-in a small range of mainly tumbled stones to be able to supply the students who enrolled on our training courses and workshops. Over time the variety of crystals we supplied grew and grew to the vast range we have now (approaching 1500 items, and 200+ types) and we started supplying crystals to other students of crystal healing, mineral collectors and complementary healing practitioners who were interested in obtaining top quality crystals for their homes, collections, healing rooms or therapy centres. We now source and obtain many of the rarer and more unusual crystals as well as big specimen pieces - including many natural and polished crystals that are suitable for larger spaces or healing centres - and have customers all over the world.

flame quartz group
Group of "Fire" Quartz Crystals

The crystals that are in our care have their own Inner Light and consciousness, and are able and willing to work with humanity to help each of us allow our own "Inner Light" to grow and develop as we work respectfully in harmony with them. Our own home and lives are filled with crystals, which give to us freely of their energy, sharing their own tales, skills and joy with us on a daily basis. We consider ourselves privileged to be their temporary "guardians" and "earth-keepers" for the time that they are within our care. We frequently buy crystals knowing that we are simply a staging post for them, and that at some time their true and destined keeper will come to us to connect with them! Perhaps this might be you......

Fabulous Labradorite

What our logo and name is about:

We have created a special logo for our Crystals website: when you look at it you will see an amethyst cluster sitting in a cavern filled with Golden Light, all set within a six-pointed star. Amethyst is a favourite crystal of mine - in fact the very first crystal I ever bought was an amethyst point! The design is based on a piece of stained glass that Mark designed and made, which represented the Element of Earth. The Golden Light represents the Light of Christ Consciousness and planetary Ascension. The six-pointed star represents a point of balance whereby the downward pointing triangle (Heaven coming down to Earth) meshes with the upward pointing one (mankind reaching up to Heaven), illustrating the saying "as above, so below". In numerology the name "Inner Light Crystals" equates to the number 8, the number of infinity and the never-ending repeating loop of Energy that joins one to All, and All to one - a symbol we have presented to us frequently in our esoteric work.

mark and hilary


All "Inner Light" experiences are developed and overseen by soul partners and twin flames Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain. Both of us are experienced workshop leaders and therapists who together have worked with subtle energies and crystals for many years. Along with our shared love and sense of humour we enjoy "time off" when we can, getting out in nature and walking the hills and cliffs of Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire. Our spirits have always been most at ease in Wales, and we count ourselves lucky to finally have found the right home that gives us the space and peace we need to write our books and courses - all of which are of course very closely involved with utilising and experiencing the energetic support of crystals.

Mark has a natural affinity for working with crystals and with energies of all sorts and his innate clairvoyance enables him to "see" energies, colours and Beings in other dimensions (including personal Guides, animal totems and Light Beings). In past lives he has worked with crystals and sacred geometry and he brings this knowledge forwards to help with his work today in composing energy grids for our crystal workshops, books and courses. He is a qualified crystal healer, energy worker and etheric surgeon who has trained in a number of mind-body-spirit therapies and is also as a trance channel, conscious channel and proficient out-of-body traveller, offering hands-on and distance treatments as well as channelled "soul path" readings (see our "Inner Light Therapies" website). He also composes, channels, writes and records most of the guided journeys and visualisations that we use in our attended and distance study courses, CDs and downloadable recordings.

Hilary is a Fellow of the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists, and has been studying and working in the field of complementary therapies and with esoteric matters and subtle energy since 1993. She is a clairaudient, clairsentient and conscious channel who has worked with crystals and Energy in many lifetimes. She is always researching and writing new material and courses that include working with crystals to experience Celestial, Angelic, Ascended Master and other Archetypal Energies for Ascension, and is always working to find new ways of using crystals to help with personal spiritual growth and transformation. Currently she is writing a series of books to help spread this information and aid others in realising their true potential, regardless of their location around the globe (see also our Lightworkers information site). The first of these - WALKING WITH ARCHANGELS - was published in 2017, and is available in the on-line shop. Here is just part of her story!...
I (Hilary) discovered the wonderful world of crystals in the early 1990s, when learning aromatherapy in Gloucestershire. The training centre "just happened" to be situated above a "New Age" shop, and I spent many a wet lunch break inside the shop, looking at and handling some of the lovely stones and crystals they had there. Mark and I were pretty hard up then (it was the era of 15% interest mortgages) and he lived in dread of me coming home with yet another crystal, instead of food for dinner! But we managed, and my connection with the stones I took home with me and my excitement about their energies and potential for transformation on many levels grew rapidly. Being the person I am, I wanted to know and understand more, and so at the end of the 1990s I travelled to Exeter to study Crystal Therapy with Sue and Simon Lilly on their extended graduate level course, and my own collection of crystals and my understanding of them just kept on growing!
Then in 2001 Mark and I were asked to run our first workshops, which were based around working with crystal energies in conjunction with Archetypal energies including those of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Celestial Beings. This led to us setting up our own teaching establishment (the School of Inner Light) to offer workshops and later professional training in a range of hands-on healing therapies and of course Crystal Healing and Energy Work, which meant we needed to be able to supply and sell crystals to our students. From there things simply snowballed and, from keeping just a few tumbled stones for sale, we gradually located some excellent suppliers throughout the UK (and farther afield) and began to supply a much wider range of crystals throughout a huge range of prices and sizes. Today we have customers who spend 50p on just one simple tumbled stone, and others who are prepared to outlay closer to £1000 for a fabulous rare or large crystal, often weighing tens of kilograms. Searching them out and listening to what they have to tell us remains a thing of great joy for us!

big jasper
Large Freeform Picture Jasper