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candle quartz
Giant White Candle (Celestial) Quartz

This page contains our archived "Crystal of the Month" features, telling you a little about specific types of crystal and giving you some background and esoteric information about the crystal, mineral or formation and its uses. You may find various links within each piece: these will take you pages on our other websites that can supply you with further information or understanding about the highlighted item. You can also use the links below each picture to buy crystals through our on-line shop, or you can contact us to arrange to visit us here in Llechryd, Ceredigion in south west Wales.

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archived material includes:

Labradorite; Petrified Wood; Sulphur in Quartz; Kunzite; Celestial Quartz; Ocean Jasper; Boji Stones; Moldavite; Crystal Skulls; Gaia (Polychrome) Jasper; Preseli Bluestone; Scolecite; Satya Mani Quartz; Orange Kyanite and Shungite. Use the links to more directly to each entry and its write-up if you prefer.


Labradorite is a beautiful mineral that exhibits a colour play that moves across the material as it is held or moved under light. The best quality material, which has the full-spectrum of colour play, came from Finland and is known as "spectrolite". Both Madagascar and Brazil produce good quality material however, much of which is of spectrolite quality. Labradorite welcomes being handled, and in fact the more you run your hands over it, the more the colour comes out. It is interesting to handle the two main colour ranges: that which is predominantly deep blue with some gold and turquoise flashes; and that which is predominantly gold with some green and turquoise flashes. For me the former is the most protective and the stronger (perhaps more masculine!) of the two; whilst the latter is the most multi-dimensional and the more refined (perhaps more feminine!) of the two. We try to choose material with the best indigo, violet, blue and gold colour plays. Labradorite came forcefully into our lives some 6 years ago, when it was one of the crystals brought to us by Mikaela, the Lady Faith (feminine counterpart of Archaeon Michael). We had been discussing Michael and his reputation for being one of the best Angelics to call upon for protection, through his sword and his cloak. She held out a piece of labradorite to me and said enigmatically: "Michael does it with his sword (protects, defends and fights) I do it with smoke and mirrors. The nature of magic questions the nature of reality - after all, what IS real and what is illusion?" These words indicate to me the primary value of working with Labradorite (and with Lady Faith!), and that is its use as a shield of protection when meditating, journeying, travelling or working in any situation where one feels unsafe or uncertain about the nature of the energies around. Yet it also holds great value as a tool or support when exploring other Dimensions or Planes of existence, or to use when trying to reach an understanding of the nature of the reality of our Universe, or the secrets of the Cosmos. Certainly, for us, it was no coincidence that we were required to use a piece of Labradorite as a temporary resting place for some vast Cosmic energies accessed during a workshop with the "Illumined Ones" a few years ago. Its other main attribute lies in its apparent darkness: the colour and beauty within only really being revealed fully when placed in Light, or when handled with Love. How much this speaks of the human condition and how this stone may help us reveal and acknowledge and come to accept our own Inner Beauty and worth - also as symbolised by the gold flashes within!


AUGUST 2011:

This material, also known as Agatised, Opalised or Fossilised Wood, is one of the many great minerals to come out of Madagascar. Formed from Ancient Trees that lived thousands of years ago I find it amazing that Mother Nature can produce such a fabulous range of colours within, what is in effect, dead silicified plant matter. All the shades of grey, tan, brown and cream are common within this material, although pink, red, green and violet colours are especially prized by collectors. As you might expect these minerals are very old and carry a great deal of Ancient Earth energy and knowledge, especially connected with the realm of the Earth elementals, including gnomes, dryads and woodland devic beings. Often you can see growth rings and/or gnarls and whorls showing the details of the tree's branches and bark. Growth rings, often seen in "slices" of material, hold a great capacity for helping us work with past-life or early life lessons that require balance or resolution. The bark, which was once the protective outer coating of the tree, is found within many polished / part-polished shapes and can help support and protect us as we journey into the past, or work to examine the root causes behind difficult situations, problems that require understanding or illness and disease. Petrified Wood's energy is incredibly sturdy and supportive, and this mineral is a wise and solid companion that will oversee and support many types of spiritual growth work. Their manner reminds me of the "Ents" from the Lord of the Rings, and the Guardians and overseers of these minerals hold the same timeless unhurried Wisdom. Imagine yourself walking though a forest or sitting in a woodland glade with a Master who can help you find an "Inner Wisdom" that will help you understand more about your Self, your Path and your journey. Or who might offer words that will gently guide and direct you to find the answers or solutions to problems, concerns or situations that have been worrying you or blocking your path. Herein lies the strength of the Trees, and the reason that we "tree-huggers" remain calm under pressure!

Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood

JULY 2011:

Having just managed to procure some more of this crystal, I wanted to say a little about it here. This crystal first came into my life about 8 years ago, when I was able to obtain a few crystals and rough pieces. It was a new and rare find, as sulphur is so soluble that it is most unusual to find it as an inclusion in other material. Not being sure it was sulphur, I gently knocked two pieces together, and sniffed... yes! the unmistakable smell of sulphur. Not however, in retrospect, such a great move, as I experienced a very potent "detox" and could not move far from a loo for the whole of the next morning! So, perhaps not an ideal mineral to use in a crystal essence, BUT this crystal is wonderful at clearing and deeply cleansing just about anything that needs it, within the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. Use on a chakra or auric field assimilation point; in a room or workspace; near or over any site of physical infection or inflammation; or in sacred ceremony where a cleansed and purified atmosphere is required. Sulphur, as a mineral alone, is a potent cleanser and also esoterically carries the deep Golden-yellow Ray, which is connected with the Divine Masculine and the Ray of the Christ. Interestingly it is the crystal we were shown to use at the heart / high heart centre when working with our Ascended Master crystal grid/layout for Lord Sananda (Jesus / Yeshua), where it acts to clear the heart in order to make us a clearer and finer channel for Divine Love. As with all clearing crystals, using or working with it can be very powerful (as I experienced!) and so you can expect to undergo shifts and even catalytic change when you work with this crystal. Even so, if we REALLY want to progress and grow, sometimes we have to risk a little pain or discomfort on some level. Accordingly this crystal will really help this process whilst supporting us with its powerful and effective healing energies and the Light of Christ Consciousness.

Sulphur in Quartz Crystal
Sulphur in Quartz Crystal

JUNE 2011:

Kunzite is the pink version of the mineral Spodumene: sometimes it is found in combination with the green version, Hiddenite, when it becomes a Master Healer of the heart. This crystal is often overlooked as a tool for the Lightworker or healer, sometimes because it is not easy to find decent specimens at a reasonable price. However if your heart needs healing or if you need to attract more love or compassion into your life, then this is the crystal for you! Sometimes rather unassuming to look at, kunzite has many hidden depths. This is reflected in the way it moves Light, and how its true Pink Ray nature may only be seen by looking at it from the right direction. This is a little like love too! Sometimes we may find it hard to see the love in ourself (or others) until we are able to approach with clear sighted honesty and from the appropriate perspective. Loving our Self is the most important thing we can do to accelerate our own spiritual growth and personal healing, for our connection to the Divine is greatly strengthened as we learn to accept and love ourselves more fully and completely (warts and all). As we open our hearts to the Love of the Divine (which in truth emanates from our Divine Self) so we open to the flow of ALL Universal energy, for the Divine IS Love! The act of self-love includes being able to put the needs of our Self before others: many of those who are therapists/healers/carers give constantly to others, often at their own expense. Yet when we are well and whole and full of Love for our Self it is natural (and thus easier) for that Love to simply overflow and then pour out to those around us or to those in need, without effort or strain. Kunzite is also rich in the mineral lithium, which promotes a sense of well-being and aids relaxation and release of stress, all of which help us in feeling more joyful and thus in receiving and giving Love with more ease.
Archangel Seraphina, the Lady Charity, twin flame of Archangel Chamuel, had these things to say to me about Love:
"We do not create love, it is simply a Divine quality of Infinite Mercy that flows out from the Godhead and bathes all in the Light of love, forgiveness and acceptance. Love is not "doing" but "allowing". It cannot be forced or created, it can only be allowed to flow. And it can only flow freely and boundlessly from a clear and open heart, which neither judges nor condones but simply allows and accepts all as being perfect and right for that moment. The ability to create a wellspring of love in the heart is reflected in ones ability to accept love - love which flows to you from God himself, passed down through your Christ-Self to your current incarnate body and also to you from others. It is an intrinsic fact that you exist as Divine sparks, and that within your inherent make-up all is perfect and as it should be. There are no faults or failings; there simply IS you - a child of God. What prevents you from filling your heart and accepting that love are the feelings and emotions that make you see yourselves as less than perfect - as failing in some way or as not being "good enough". And yet you simply are as you are. All that you think, believe and perceive about yourself and how you act and react in every moment is a part of who you are in this lifetime, in the costume that you have chosen to wear for this act in the play you are appearing in. Life is a role ... and this performance is played in order to learn and grow and experience all that living apart from God entails, for only then may you truly understand and appreciate what being Divine really is. And being Divine is being Love!"

Fabulously clear Kunzite crystal

MAY 2011:

This powerful, ancient and wise crystalline formation is also known as Candle Quartz or Elestial Quartz. The name "Candle Quartz" is especially apt, as that describes its appearance very well: that of a candle with wax drips and runs adhering to its sides. These formations of crystal usually grow in clusters and are often split up during the extraction process. Several members of the quartz family can take this form, the most common being white quartz (usually with a clear inner core). Other quartz family members may more rarely take this form, including amethyst, smoky and citrine quartz: I also own one totally clear quartz specimen, but these are still rather rare. We discovered the small cut-base white celestials for the first time about 10 years ago and worked with them on our Crystal Healing Diploma Course, where we found them to be very useful for gridding a healing space for increased sensitivity and/or Power. I have always loved their energies, and then about four years ago I was really excited to hear about a new find of much larger crystals that had been unearthed in Madagascar. To hold one of these amazing specimens or clusters is like holding crystalline Light! They have a purity and High resonance that can be "heard" with the Inner Heart: as you hold one they sing with a High and clear voice and those sensitive to Energy may even feel them vibrate in their hands. These make really fabulous personal meditation, journeying and communication crystals. In our experience each of these larger crystals has a Guardian who will work to guide its Keeper and help them access whatever knowledge or information is relevant to them at that time (assuming their intention is pure). We have also found that many resonate with the Highest Archangels / Archaeon, including those within the ranks of the Seraphim.  Each crystal has a unique appearance and you can often find a range of attributes with many of them, including Cathedral, Celestial, Devic and Trigonic markings. As you may imagine therefore, these are very special Beings!
I also want to mention amethyst celestials here. We first discovered this formation about 8 years ago when we found a batch "on sale" in a warehouse. They had not been selling well and they looked very neglected and sorry for themselves. With their white sides (to the uninitiated) they looked dull and not much like decent quality amethysts - however we knew right away what they were, hearing them call to us from their corner and then recognising their unique markings. We often work with a grid of 12 of them to create a sacred space; use them on our "Choosing and Communing with Crystals workshop"; and use them to hold the space when making Auric Essences. When we explored the Archangels for our "Walking with Archangels" course this was the crystal presented to us by Archangel Jophiel. Most grow in clusters, and when they are extracted they are separated and usually have their terminated faces polished off. Although this does reveal their inner beauty (many have lovely deep treacly citrine regions within) I would love to get my hands on some un-finished ones for the elestial markings that I know I will find there. Robert Simmons sells some of these as Trigonals, and charges a pretty penny (or dollar!) for them. For those that can look past the surface to the Power and beauty within these marvellous amethysts, true gems of Wisdom await. Ancient, Angelic and Cosmic Beings work through these crystals (note the orbs in some of their photos in our shop) and they each have the potential to manifest great transformations within the lives of their Keepers and those whose lives they touch.

Candle Quartz
Celestial Quartz

APRIL 2011:

We stock a large number of crystals from Madagascar, in part because they all seem to have an ancient and wise, yet gentle, energy. Ocean Jasper is mined from the shoreline at low tide, hence its name. It is only found on this island, and supplies of good quality material is running out!  Basically Ocean Jasper is a unique form of Jasper that is characterised by layering of quartz, jaspers and chalcedonies, along with layered nodules and spherules, often with sparkling drusy quartz cavities within. The most sought after colours are greens and whites, but material is also found in cream, peach, pink, grey, fawn and a (to my mind rather unattractive!) dirty yellow shade. On an individual personal healing level Ocean Jasper is all about physical and emotional cleansing and balance, and about understanding and reconciling any extremes we have that exists within those bodies in order that we may work out how to bring them into equilibrium and harmony. This crystal can also help us clear any negative expectations we have about ourselves or about events occurring around us. It can also help us appreciate the inherent talents, skills and gifts we each have, and them assist us in bringing them out to display or use to help others or ourselves to move forwards in life, regardless of exterior influences. This is also a useful crystal for aiding us in connecting to the elements of earth and water and to their elementals (the gnomes and undines) as well as to the sentient and living life forms that inhabit each element - both visible and non-visible. Ocean Jasper additionally brings with it a sense of freedom and expansiveness, along with a feeling of exhilaration and "joie de vivre", which helps us feel that we are here on Earth at the Right time and place for us. Despite events that are happening around us globally, Ocean Jasper will provide us with an inner core of stability and the ability to allow events to unfold as they Will and simply "flow" around and through us.

Ocean Jasper from Madagasca
Ocean Jasper

MARCH 2011:

We have worked with (and sold) Boji stones for years. True Boji stones come from one special region of the USA only and are "collected" with due reverence and care - all true Bojis (the name is a registered trademark) should be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Please note that (although I have read a book that suggests you do this!) Boji stones should NOT be struck together (unless you want them to crumble and split) and are best stored near but not touching each other. It has also been said that they may slowly disintegrate over time, but we have had ours for many years and have not noticed any changes! We do however suggest that when carrying or transporting them you wrap them separately in something soft to prevent accidental damage. Boji stones are primarily a composite of pyrite with palladium. They are found in two different shapes: round smooth ones, which are said to be "female" and rougher/spiky ones, which are said to be "male" (!) Some stones - notably the "Rainbow Bojis" carry both male and female aspects combined in one stone and so you need just one of these instead of a pair. Having said that, I have used 9 Rainbow Bojis (one to each major chakra) together to great effect! The Rainbow Bojis all show distinct colouring in metallic lustres of green, gold, blue, orange and purple, and are quite amazing (and hard to find - although I may be selling some from my own collection soon!) Some of the "normal" Bojis may also display some colour - in fact some of the ones we have for sale have a golden sheen to parts of them. We believe that all Healers and metaphysical teachers should own a pair of Boji Stones: we always recommend these little wonders  to our Crystal Healing course students as being one of the best grounding stones you can get, especially for use at the end of a healing / treatment session. We always have them with us in our healing rooms and always take a few pairs with us when we hold courses and workshops, acknowledging that the experiences and journeys people take when working with guided visualisation or in other altered states of consciousness can leave some feeling rather "spacey". Boji stones have an inherent polarity, and their determination to achieve and hold a state of balance is what makes them so important to the metaphysician and healer, along with their phenomenal ability to earth and ground energies. For grounding whole body energies or assisting the energy body to assimilate rapid shifts and changes, hold one in each hand and/or place one below or touching each foot - you may need to swap them around until the balance of male/female feels right, as the side of the body requiring those polar energies will vary from situation to situation and person to person. You might also wish to experiment with journeying whilst holding these crystals: some of our students have had some very interesting experiences when interacting with them on an exploratory level. We have found them to be very chatty and responsive to our questioning.

Boji Stones
Boji Stones


I have sold moldavite for some years now. I do not get the "rush" that some people talk about when they pick up moldavite for the first time, but we do find moldavite to be of use in healing work, and thus not only good for meditation. There is certainly an appeal to its deep green colour, and I love it most for its beauty and elegance. For me moldavite brings the energies of Archaeon Azrael, and I have a pendant made of faceted moldavite that I am sometime drawn to wear when I need the courage to travel through the void; or when I am being challenged to explore the unknown. The fact that this is an amorphous mineral - i.e. it has no crystalline structure - makes it ideal for "open" journeying or visualisation if you are able to surrender and "allow" the mineral to take you where you truly need to go to experience or see whatever is right for you at that time, without constraint. Moldavite's off-planet origins means that it is capable of creating energy portals, which may be of an inter-dimensional or inter-spatial nature. There is no doubt that it attracts the energies of the Beings of the Pleiadian star system, which includes both Angelic presences and healing Masters. Placing 7 moldavites around your auric field in a 7-pointed star (1 above the head, the other 6 evenly spaced symmetrically to each side/around the body) draws these energies to you. We find this grid of especial use when working with people who have Pleiadian star-roots, and for whom this arrangement brings support, courage and a sense of "home". Many of these gentle "starry" ones find living on Earth a painful process, and carrying or wearing moldavite can help them adjust to living (rather than simply existing) here. Moldavite's main keywords are "transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, activation, cleansing, protection and synchronicity": if you fancy some of that, then why not try some!



There is already a page on our "Lightworkers" site that tells you about our own history with crystal skulls and my feelings about the purpose and energies of the new skulls being carved at this time. Despite my initial reservations, I have become a great fan of working with these crystalline beings and feel they can make very special working pieces, as long as they are used with respect, integrity and honesty. I don't feel that you have to have an enormous specimen for them to be effective, but I do feel that the quality of the workmanship and the energy put into their creation IS important to a large degree. Over the last few years various events led to us aquiring several human and dragon skulls of our own, mostly through surprise interactions with them or as a consequence of visions or dreams I have had (and I'm not an "airy-fairy" wafty person really!), and they oversee some of the work we do, offering input and illumination where appropriate. They are also capable of channelling vast quantum of Light energy and have been used in general and specific healing situations with some therapy clients. They are also keen to work more generally with humanity and the planet and with certain individuals who come to us needing to have specific energy connections made, or who need to receive / download information or teachings pertinent to them at that time. Generally I find that the skulls are happiest working on a one-to-one basis, but occasionally there is a need or desire for them to assemble in gatherings with other skulls and their Keepers , which works well, as long as ego ("my skull is greater / better / bigger than yours") and self-delusion remains firmly out of the picture. More recently we have discovered the joys and wonders of working with the dragon skulls, as these great Beings, who were responsible for the founding and creation of much of our Solar System, drew ever closer as 2012 approached!

ametrine skull
Bolivian Ametrine Skull


Jaspers are one of the quartz family and are often overlooked as a working crystal. However for me all jaspers are one of the crystal healer's most reliable workhorses and are unfailingly useful as core healing tools, suited to working with any energy centre and with most situations. This particular jasper is a beautiful stone, and does not deserve its rather boring name of "polychrome jasper", which means many-coloured jasper. Robert Simmons would likely call this "fancy jasper", which is almost as bad! I have decided to call it Gaia Jasper, as for me this joyful mineral vibrates and clearly resonates with the fundamental spiritual essence of our Mother Earth: land, sea and sky. The examples we have for sale are probably a little large to use on the body as healing stones, making them perhaps better suited for use as meditation and journeying pieces, holding them in the hands whilst exploring them with eye, mind and heart. Each individual piece feels as if it is a celebration of the great diversity and potential of our planet, both as a physical geological and spiritual entity and as home base for the vast range of sentient life forms that inhabit her lands, seas and skies.  Perhaps Jaspers as a rule do not usually resonate to a high frequency, but these colourful and attention grabbing pieces have the ability to assist us in tuning in to a wide range of the Earth's natural resonances, and also act to strengthen our connections with the inner workings of the planet, and ultimately of course the Cosmos. They speak to us of the innate strength and spirit of the planet and of all that connects and sustains her as she revolves through the vastness of space; and of the wondrous artistry and loving care of the creators that is shown in the formation and beauty of each and every particle of her being. And as it is with the planet, so too of course it is with us! Through Gaia Jasper we can also connect more easily with the fundaments of the planet - with the elements and those that work with them, including the elementals and the Elohim - the great Angelic architects and planners responsible for the formation and structure of her physical and energetic bodies.

polychrome jasper
Gaia Jasper


October and November's short holiday breaks influenced this review, as they were spent (just for a change) in Wales, this time in New Quay, visiting with the bottlenose dolphins, and in Carmarthenshire. South-West Wales has proved to be fascinating from an "energy" viewpoint, and visits to the Preseli Hills and some of the nearby ancient sites of standing stones and hill forts have prompted us to look again at our Preseli Bluestones, which we acquired in the summer. We have found that people that pick them up either love them or feel nothing much from them. However all agree that they are very grounding, and some people report getting a simultaneous sense of "opening" in the upper energy centres, creating a rather weird sense of being energetically "stretched". Encouraged by Guides, I have tried sitting in the centre of a circle of 6 of these tumbled Bluestones, whilst holding one other. For me this created a very stable "void" space, where time, space and dimension appeared to become suspended whilst I sat in a very still place that seemed to resonate with timeless and profound potentials. Another time I sat in Unified Field State within a circle of 7 of these tumbled stones, whilst holding a tumbled white (snow) quartz at my centre. This created a great sense of opening through 360 degrees, as if my hearing and senses were becoming super-sensitive, feeling rather as if I was becoming a transmitter/receiver of impulses and information to/from the Cosmos. Perhaps then those great stone circles (of which the inner U-shaped arrangement at Stonehenge formed from the same Bluestone is just an example) were not merely astrological measures, but also one of Earth's ancient means of communicating with the Galaxy and the Universe that exists around us. I certainly feel these seemingly rather unprepossessing stones have much to offer those whose world extends beyond that of Earth and the here and now.

preseli bluestones
Preseli Bluestones


This month we added a new technique to the therapies we do, known as Tatic Harmonisation Technique. Its two-fold purpose is firstly to correct any disharmonies between the Physical Body Template and the Higher Etheric Templates by amplifying and strengthening the energetic resonances of the relevant sections of the Higher templates and then re-tuning and anchoring the corrected resonances accordingly; and secondly to clear and charge the etheric bodies and hence the cells of the physical body with "Liquid Light" thereby enhancing Light-body development and, perhaps more importantly, facilitating a much clearer connection to our True (Divine) Self and so confirming or reaffirming our Soul's greater purpose in this lifetime. Crystals of scolecite are used in the main aspects of this treatment and these wonderful little crystals also exemplify who and what we at "Inner Light" are all about. They channel Light and a marvellous feeling of hope and peace through their energies and can be found in both tumbled/massive form as well as in crystal-clear terminated form. Very delicate and fine, the terminated crystals have proved very useful at transmitting vast quantum of Light and in attracting and removing negativity from the energy field, making them of great value in finding and dealing with what we refer to as "energetic anomalies". The massive form, available as tumbled stones, spheres, palmstones and wands, are very reassuring pieces that are suitable for anyone of any age or ability to have, bringing appropriate measures of Light and a great sense of serenity and grace as you work with them, or simply have or hold them within your field - and in today's mad world everyone could benefit from what they have to offer!

Scolecite Palmstone


I have been a great fan of the Satyaloka quartz from southern India since discovering them about 8 years ago. At that time we bought many of the tiny crystals and were so amazed at the amount of energy they hold - which goes to demonstrate that (with crystals at least!) size is not everything. So when this new find from the same region, called Satya Mani quartz, came to light recently I was very keen to try some. They are transparent and milky in appearance and slightly translucent: I prefer them with milky aspects, which have a more appropriate energy for how we use them. The stone is very clarifying and has a high and fine energy, opening and activating the "feminine" energy centres in linear state (sacral, heart, 3rd eye) and aiding a strengthening and expansion of the entire field in Unified state. To me this stone holds the energies of the Pearlescent White Ray, and is the feminine counterpart to the very masculine energy of the Satyaloka quartz. To work with both Satyas together, perhaps one in each hand, or with Satyaloka stones on the "feminine" centres and Satya Mani on the "masculine" centres (base, solar plexus, throat) or with 2 x sets of 3 of each type to create a "Star of David" layout, would be an amazing way of expanding and bringing our male / female aspects into perfect balance. Bear in mind that perfect does not imply equal - but whatever is needed at that time... For me also this stone has links with Archaea Hope and Ascended Lady Master Quan Yin and with the Pearl Beyond Price - in fact the name Satya Mani means "pearl of truth". This crystal also connects us to Unity Consciousness and to our balanced and Divine Self, opening our heart and soul to our inner truths, thus enlightening us and revealing our connections to All That Is and releasing the innate loving kindness and compassion for the Self and ALL life-forms that is at the heart of us all. Heaven for me would be to lie on a bed of these polished stones!

T004 satya mani quartz
Satya Mani Quartz

AUGUST 2010:

This is a new find from Tanzania. The initial deposits were very crumbly but a later find of more complete crystals resulted in these little wonders coming to Light. They are typically "platy" and bladed, like indigo kyanite in the raw state, and have quartz and mica deposits within their structure in many cases. We understand that they come from the same region that spessartine (orange) garnets are found, and I feel this accounts for both their colour and unusual energy. "Zingy" is putting it mildly - they seem to be clamouring to get out of the bag and get to work and I feel them humming in my hands like a bagful of "busy bees"! Creativity and Joy are the two words that come instantly to mind when holding these crystals, and their structure indicates that they will have the ability to increase energy flow, whilst imbuing the life-force engendered with purpose, positivity and commitment. Their colour would indicate that they are going to be of great use with the lower 3 chakra centres, and especially with the sacral centre. Placed on this centre pointing "up/down" the torso will help energy flow and balance between these lower centres and in the process help clear and ground all energies through the central column. For those that work in Unified Field State, I feel that these will make strong connecting stones, providing a  flexible link to our Higher Selves and so reinforcing our commitment to our life-path, and that they will also have the ability to charge, reinforce and ground one's energies through the entire length of the pranic core.

T029 orange kyanite
Orange Kyanite

JULY 2010:

Not many people know about this stone yet, but they will! This stone has been used in Russia for years. It is only found in one location in the world, in Karelia, North-west Russia. It is a very basic mineral, being natural black carbon, which outwardly resembles anthracite, and is quite soft - the surface blackness does come away on the fingertips if you rub it, but this is not really a problem. It is however unique because it is a natural composite material, having a homogenous distribution of crystalline silicate particles within its carbon matrix. Also within its matrix are fullerenes or what have been called "Bucky-balls", which are tiny hollow spheres of carbon. Think about it.. we are carbon-based life-forms, transmuting into silicon-based life-forms, so what better stone could come forwards to aid and support us in this transition?! This stone is said to be very protective and shielding against all forms of disruptive EMFs. Despite its silvery-black colour (or perhaps because of it!) this stone holds Goddess energies - like those of powerful and destructive Kali, or Hathor/Sekhmet or Morgana the Druid (twin flame of Merlin Magus), whose energies have the ability to destroy all that is not wanted within the energy field, in order to promote self-healing on MANY levels. This includes the ability to detoxify all bodies, including the physical body, where it can work to destroy and remove any rogue or "imperfect" cells. It can also remove any and all negative energetic debris "hanging around" within the energy field and energy centres. Whoo!! We have also found they are incredibly balancing if you hold one in one hand and a Satya Mani quartz (see stone for August 2010) in the other, when together they set up a rotation of energy that is VERY clearing, balancing and energising. This will work to remove "energy headaches". It will also be interesting to try them at head and feet, with the Satya Mani at Soul Star / Alpha; the Shungite at Earth Star / Omega where we feel they will set up a spiralling flow of energy up/down around the central column when in linear state; or a spiralling flow of energy around the core and outer edges of the toroidal field in Unified Field State, which will have the ability to permeate throughout the whole energy field matrix.
N.B: We are told that these Shungite tumbled stones are composed of reconstituted material mixed with resin to enable it to hold its integrity. Their wonderful energy is, however, still very evident - and very clearing. More recently we have also been able to obtain raw Shungite that is original and complete, and whose power and energy is even more self-evident.

T030 shungite

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