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'Inner Light Crystals' is situated in Llechryd, Ceredigion on the west coast of Wales, UK. We have a huge range of crystals and minerals for sale and an in-depth knowledge of working with crystals in the crystal healing/therapy and esoteric field, which is reflected in the number of items we are able to offer. The majority of our stock is hand selected from trusted suppliers and we have a huge number of crystals for sale, all chosen for their quality, rarity and price. As we fall below the threshold we do not have to add VAT to the price of the crystals we have for sale, which hopefully will make shopping with us an even greater pleasure! 

PLEASE NOTE: We are primarily an on-line business and not a high-street shop and therefore we do not have premises you can walk into off the street, BUT we DO welcome anyone who wishes to shop with us in person BY APPOINTMENT as we have other commitments to fulfil, apart from our crystal sales. However, we are always happy to book you into our diary if we can - simply telephone us on 01239 682676 or 07794 267870. On your personal shopping visit we will offer you our personal one-to-one attention to help you to find what you need, and you can take full advantage of our in-depth knowledge as crystal healers, energy workers and course/workshop leaders whilst you browse through our stock! Minimum order requirements still apply (currently £10 to in-person shoppers): payment accepted by on-line bank transfer, credit card or PayPal (bring your laptop, or know your personal log-in details to use our WiFi on-line facility) or by cash - no cheques please.

Our ON-LINE SHOP allows you to shop from anywhere, and allows you to pay for your crystal purchases using credit/debit cards through Square (or by PayPal) or by bank transfer at just a few clicks of a button. (Options are also included for those who wish to pay by cheque or postal / money order.) To enter our on-line shop and see (and maybe buy!) some of these wonderful crystal Beings follow the link below or the drop-down at the head of the page.

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On-line shoppers, please note the following:

UK and non-EU overseas customers minimum order requirement = £10.00 per order
(excluding carriage & packing).
EU customers minimum order requirement = £150.00 per order with effect from 1/6/2021 (excluding carriage & packing).
Unfortunately changes on taxation laws relating to imports and exports have given us little choice in this matter.
2: PACKING & CARRIAGE - CHARGES AND OPTIONS: if you can travel to us to collect your order you can shop and pay for your purchases on-line and then arrange a "store pick-up" from us in person, thus incurring NO carriage (or packing) charge. In all other cases carriage charges are calculated for you according to the weight of your order and your delivery choice. All orders for delivery requiring carriage will incur a minimum postage and packing charge of £2.50. (NB: we do not despatch to every country in the world, although we do to most - more details are given within our shop.)


To learn more about us at Inner Light Crystals - who we are and how we came to sell and work with crystals - see our
"About Us"
page and our
"Other Inner Light Websites"

To read about our recent purchases and new items for sale see our
"What's New"

To read about special crystals that have captured our attention, why not have a look at our thoughts about those crystals on our
"Crystal Favourites" and/or our archived 
"Crystal of the Month"

To understand or learn more about crystals, minerals and their uses, we hope our pages on:
"Caring for Crystals"
about choosing and caring for your crystals;
"Using Crystal Grids" about crystal grids (nets / layouts) and how they work; and
"Making Gem Essences"
about how to go about making essences from crystals
will be of help to the beginner and the more experienced crystal worker.

and that our pages:
"All About Quartz" telling you much more about the family of Quartz;
"Formations Directory" providing information about the different forms and formations in which minerals and crystal can be found; and
"Inclusions Directory" providing information about the attributes and esoteric uses of a range of included quartz and other minerals
will all be useful and informative!

We have tried to ensure that a great deal of information about mineralogical attributes and esoteric uses of every crystal we sell is given under individual and/or page headings within our shop. But PLEASE NOTE all material that we have created on this site (which is ALL of it except where otherwise given credit) is under copyright to us. You may freely use any of it for private or personal use only, HOWEVER if you wish to use ANY of our copyrighted material OR photographs for publication or as printed or electronic reproduction in ANY shape or form, including copying it to other internet pages or websites, we require that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission. We will then (normally) give you written consent, which will stipulate the extent of the material you may use along with the proviso that you FULLY credit us and this website as the source of your information and also create a web link back to our site.

"It is our responsibility to point out that our work as writers, teachers and facilitators is a personal expression of our Spiritual beliefs and practices and presents our interpretation of the knowledge and understanding we have gained over many years. Through our work we offer an opportunity to share our personal experience with others and to facilitate the possibility for individuals working with the information we supply to recognise their own potential. Any advice or guidance we give on these pages should be followed only if an individual chooses to do so of their own free will and we acknowledge and honour each person's right to discern if they wish to embrace within their lives the things we offer, or not." Hilary and Mark; 8/7/2008.

(This statement is willingly made to uphold the legal requirement of the Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) that incorporates an "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive", which means that from 2008 all Mediums, Healers, Psychics and any other Spiritual services will become subject to consumer law.)