ty rhos jewellery

Ty Rhos Logo a line drawing fo the workshop

We are proud to announce the addition of a new and unique line of Sterling Silver jewellery to our on-line shop!

‘Ty Rhos — Silver By Design’ is a unique collection of silver jewellery hand-crafted in Wales by our son, Arthur Brittain. Arthur is an artist who also hand-etches unique designs onto local slate and works with acrylics on canvas. His workshop occupies what were once the living quarters of a modest slate-built smallholding known as ‘Rhos Tyhill Cott’. Dating back to the end of the 18th Century, the little cottage (affectionately known as ‘Rosy Cottage’) overlooks the River Teifi not far from Cardigan in West Wales. Nestling into a wooded hillside and surrounded by open farmland, it offers a peaceful and tranquil retreat from the modern world that inspires the soul and fires the imagination, empowering Arthur’s unique designs to come to life.

Rosy Cottage workshop outside picture

New and exclusive to Inner Light Crystals, each piece is crafted by hand in .925 sterling silver. Pendants are all individually designed specifically to complement and enhance the beauty and 'energy' of the crystals or stones that have been chosen as their focus; and earrings are each made with a specific keynote or 'theme' in mind, which is reflected in the crystals and silver adornments chosen in and for their design. All pendants are unique one-off items, but if a design of earrings you want is already marked SOLD please get in touch giving its stock number and name, and if possible Arthur will make a new set just for you. Likewise, if you would like something bespoke crafted to suit a particular purpose, or using a specific combination of stones and/or additions he is always happy to produce a new design.

Example of Ty Rhos Earrings
'Clear Mind: Clear Path' design

Each item comes in a presentation box; and is accompanied by a 'birth certificate' that explains a little about the nature and purpose of the crystals and materials used in its design and creation, which is included in their description in our shop - see the examples that follow:

Earings in display box with information card
‘Clear Mind: Clear Path’

Their certificate reads:
These earrings have been designed to promote mental focus, with emphasis on the base and solar plexus chakras, and the Mind. They have been made using 32cm (1.7 grams) of Sterling silver, set with 6 pieces of Citrine, 4 pieces of Tourmalinated Quartz, and 2 pieces of Moldavite; and are finished with a clef (key) of silver. The clefs and crystals have been symmetrically balanced and aligned to enable the left/right sides of the brain to function harmoniously. The silver clefs represent the energy of the soul or spirit, and are symbolic of the importance of vibration and sound in Creation and manifestation. The Citrine helps focus and strengthen the mind, and inspires the thought processes that determine how each Life-path grows and evolves; the Moldavite is key to receiving innovative sparks of Illumined Enlightenment that prevent stagnation and allow for adaptation and fluidity within those choices and decisions; and the Tourmalinated Quartz powerfully grounds the Higher and lower Self to the Earth through the pranic core, creating a strong and stable foundation that enhances clarity, and ensures that whatever is planned, created or made manifest through thought, word and deed is firmly grounded in reality.

NB: assay office regulations state that where the weight of Sterling Silver used in any piece of jewellery is less than 7.5 grams it is not required to be hallmarked.