CRYSTAL inclusions:

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Actinolite Quartz

This page brings you information about the main types of mineral inclusions that can be found within crystals and minerals, and explains what they are and what this means from an esoteric perspective, including a little about how the different types may be used and worked with by the healer or intuitive. We have written this page as a consequence of the insights we have gained from working with many different minerals and with the quartz family of crystals in particular over many years. Below we have included information about the main minerals that may be found as inclusions within many crystals and minerals (including quartz of course!). ALL mineral types we sell have a mineralogical and/or esoterical description, which will be found at the head of each mineral's page within our on-line shop - look out for "included" sub-headings - and our "formations" directory may also tell you more. If you would like to learn more about crystals and their different types and uses why not check them out!

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* Melody's book "Love is in the Earth" ISBN0-9628190-3-4 has been a useful reference source that I use to extend my own understanding of some of the more obscure minerals.


Actinolite in quartzActinolite crystals are long bladed and fibrous - typically deep green or black - if you look at them under a magnifying glass they look rather "fuzzy", which can help to identify them by eye. They can compact to form a mineral with jade known as Nephrite Jade, which can aid in balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of the Self and is a very healing mineral in its own right (see shop). Actinolite is said to be a great shielder and protector and can be used to greatly expand the energy field - especially when combined with sheen obsidian. Combined with quartz actinolite's properties are amplified and can help in facilitating greater connection to All That Is and in promoting the ideal of "unity" and "one-ness". We also find it a useful crystal combination to add "oomph" to tools that can be used in auric surgery and auric clearance, whereby working with focused intent on whatever the desired outcome is can be extremely effective.

Amphibole (quartz)

Amphibole quartzAmphibole Quartz is also known as Angel Phantom Quartz. This is a form of quartz that contains inclusions of  Riebeckite, Actinolite, Tremolite, Richterite and Lithium in varying degrees and proportions. These inclusions show themselves as opaque layers or cloudy deposits in a range of colours (depending on the minerals within) including white, yellow-gold, red, orange and plum. Even though not all minerals might be visible within the specimen the energies of the crystals will resonate in much the same way, the influence of the minerals becoming an integral part of their makeup. As the name suggests, many find this crystal useful in accessing and working with the Angelic Realms. I have found that the energies of this crystal to be quite complex, and thus I feel that it aids connection with Higher intelligences that have complex information to convey, or with those Angelics who wish to work with us on complex issues that mean a bit of hard work on our part - not then for "fluffy" angelic contact perhaps! Each of the included elements do suggest that this is a real and useful working tool however, and I feel that Amphibole Quartz can be of most use when we are prepared to actively work to heal, change, or move positively towards a specific goal, rather than simply "sitting back" and expecting the work to be done for us. The inclusions, amplified by the quartz, help all energy bodies align and the upper centres clear and expand. The multi-coloured aspects and the phantom layers suggest and reflect our multi-dimensional nature, and can help us become more aware of the other parts of our Self, which exist throughout time and Dimension: thus this crystal is useful for past (and future) life exploration, and for understanding more about the True nature and purpose of our varied existences.


Brookite in quartz (Look for the silvery-grey streaks in the picture). Brookite is a titanium oxide mineral, which may be found as crystals (see shop) or more rarely as an inclusion within quartz. Individual crystals are orthorhombic, and are most commonly found as tiny squarish crystals, often forming in tiny clusters. Being titanium based brookite can be found in association with rutile, but its energies are quite different. The mineral, despite its black / dark grey colour is of a very high vibration, which is more obvious when included in quartz, where it displays in more silvery-grey colours. Highly energetic and expansive, this is an excellent crystal for use in meditation or journeying, allowing for easier connection and communication with Higher Realms and the Cosmos. This crystal will also aid in connection with the Akasha and with viewing the ancient history of Earth and of other bodies local to Earth's Galactic presence. When found within quartz all these properties are amplified greatly.


Carnelian in quartzCarnelian is a member of the quartz family, being a quartz chalcedony that has a very high iron content, which gives it the lovely orange colour. Djwhal Kuhl said about carnelian in the 1980s that in his view it is one of the most rapidly advancing minerals on the planet - a quartz that thinks it is as good as a diamond! The energy is deep and resonant, empowering and energising and has throughout history been regarded as a quintessential stone of courage. It is also very strengthening and detoxifying to all the lower 3 energy centres as well as the physical body - especially useful during periods of illness or convalescence.


Chlorite phantom chlorite in quartzChlorite is a term for a group of minerals that present in slightly different forms. In general they occur in foliated, compact or spherical masses (see right-hand picture) or in "clouds" or "layers" - often as phantoms (see left-hand picture). Their colour range includes green, deep green, grey, brown, pinky-brown, and white, but they are most usually found in shades of green. Any mineral that contains chlorite will be a very effective healing mineral. Most have a profound connection to the natural world and to the elementals of earth. Chlorite minerals are cleansing to all of the energy bodies and can also help detoxify the physical body. Green chlorite especially also calms and balances the energy field in general and the emotional body in particular. A form of deep green chlorite (known as Serefina) is also the main constituent of the mineral known as Seraphinite, which is a wonderful high-vibrational healing crystal.


Epidot in quartzEpidot crystals occur in plates, needle-like and prismatic crystals, which tend to be striated. Their usual colour is deep green/brown, but they may also be yellow/green, or green/ black. Crystals may grow alone and/or in combination with any of the quartz family or occasionally with other minerals, especially prehnite. Epidot can also occur alongside other included minerals, especially tourmaline, when care needs to be taken over identifying them correctly - I find that tourmaline tends to be more shiny and reflective than epidot, and epidot's colour to be more "earthy". Epidot can help transmute density into Light and can amplify positive energies and raise vibrational rates. It can help clear blockages and physical manifestations of density, whilst revealing the emotional state that lies behind their occurrence. Epidot is then also useful to help overcome habitual negative emotional of mental patterning, moving one forwards with positivity into a new way of Being. When within quartz these properties are amplified; within prehnite balance and compassionate support is emphasised, and connections with the Earth and the natural world enhanced.


Goethite in amethystGoethite may be found within other minerals, most usually amethyst, and we have also found it within aquamarine. It is a very fine needle-like mineral when found in this way with a rather "feathery" outline when viewed with a magnifying glass. Its colour range includes orange, red, purple and black-brown. Goethite adds a strong element of communication to the mineral within which it is found, especially with the Higher realms of the Angelics. It can also aid in intuitive reasoning and interactive communication with Guides, and has a light and happy resonance that is both comforting and supportive. We have found that the "angelic" aspect is highlighted when it is found in amethyst; and that the communication aspect is emphasised when it is found in aquamarine.

Iron (& Hematite)

hematite crystals in quartz hematic quartzHematite is an iron based mineral, and when appearing within quartz as an inclusion may form regions of orange, yellow or golden-yellow colouration, which may appear to be greasy, oily or powdery in nature. A formation (which we know as "Haematoid quartz") is called "Agnitite" by Robert Simmons, and this material has veils and streaks of orange colouration within the quartz: this material comes from Madagascar (see right-hand picture). Hematite may also appear as tiny flecks of silver, or as complete crystals - plates, rosettes or other crystalline formations (see left-hand picture). Sometimes you will find that quartz contains tiny spots, dots or strings coloured black, brown and/or orange-red: this particular manifestation is often called "Harlequin quartz", when hematite is found together with Lepidocrocite and sometimes Titanium. The manner in which the hematite manifests defines the way in which the inclusion will work, usually in accordance with its colour and associated chakra correspondences, or its shape or form, the pure crystalline inclusions being especially powerful. All formations that have iron / hematite as an inclusion will however carry an element of grounding and protection. Those with yellow/orange inclusions will stimulate the lower 3 chakras and help balance the heart, mind and body with joy; those at the "red" end of the spectrum will add an element of fire and passion; those with Harlequin formations will link all chakras through the central column and balance and align all systems, aiding connection to the Higher Self and the spiritual world.


lepidocrocite in quartzLepidocrocite is another iron based mineral, and when appearing as an inclusion may form as spots, dots or strings that are coloured orange, reddish-brown or deep plum-red. It can also form as a coating to the exterior of a crystal or as phantom layers within a crystal. When you find a combination of tiny spots or strings coloured black, brown or orange-red within a crystal, this particular manifestation is called Harlequin quartz, when Lepidocrocite is found together with Hematite and/or Titanium (they are very hard to tell apart). Harlequin formations link all chakras through the central column and balance and align all energy systems, aiding connection to the Higher Self and the spiritual world. Lepidocrocite teaches the joy of achieving a state of balance between stillness and movement; calm reflection and positive movement, which enables problems and blocks to be overcome with more ease and less hassle. It is a stone of "allowing"; of faith and of trust that all can and will flow in accordance with the Plan, when we let it!


Lithium quartzLithium inclusions within quartz, sometimes in phantom formation, may be found in shades of pale pink, lavender, plum-red, pinkish-brown or pinkish-grey. All lithium-bearing minerals are excellent at balancing emotional states and dealing with extremes such as anger, aggression, depression, worry, anxiety or tension. When found within quartz their benefits are amplified and strengthened, making this a wonderful aid to relaxation and to achieving a measure of serenity and calm. This means that this stone is also useful for children and babies (and pets!), aiding restful sleep and easy reconnection with their spirit-self in dream state. Lithium within quartz also helps us to "let go and let God". Sometimes we struggle to achieve something we think we need / want, but without success. In these instances it may be that our Higher (Divine) Self knows better and we need instead to let go and surrender to our Spirit, with the certainty that all flows smoothly, if it is Right.


Manganese dendritic quartzManganese is a mineral that usually appears as inclusions in the form of globular masses or dendritic (fern-like) branching shapes. Their colour is usually black or dark brown. (Interestingly, when appearing as a trace mineral within other minerals, manganese colours the groundmass pink - this is what gives rose quartz its colour!) Manganese is grounding yet simultaneously uplifting, and can help support us in exploration of past lives, or when we need to delve into the roots of issues that require resolution in this life. In dendritic form manganese also connects us strongly with the Earth and with the elementals, especially the gnomes and devas of plants and trees. Manganese also increases positivity and hardens resolve, making it ideal for use when projects or goals need completing. Interestingly it can also gently support a fragile emotional system, with a delicacy that is usually found only when in the presence of Angels.


Mica in quartzMica crystallises in the form of plate-like layers, scales, masses and tabular crystals. Colour range includes pearly-grey, silvery-yellow; bronze-brown and green. It is a reflective mineral, allowing one to have time and space for self-reflection and to help you see the truth behind what is around you. Mica is also a great amplifier of energy and a wonderful connector, whether this be throughout the energy bodies; the various planes/Dimensions or in the physical world: yet at the same time it is a great insulator, ensuring your space remains intact and protected throughout any such processes. When found within quartz all aspects are amplified, and results in a very powerful combination crystal, which also helps provide a very safe and supported working space or environment.


rutile in quartz angel hair quartzRutile is a titanium oxide that forms in long, needle-shaped crystals, occasionally radiating and sometimes emanating from a central black mass. The needles may be hair-fine and hard to see; thicker and easier to identify; or densely or loosely packed - densely packed golden varieties are also known as "angel-hair rutile" (see right-hand picture). Rutile can be coloured golden-yellow, reddish-brown, silvery-grey, red-bronze or black, but usually has a metallic reflective surface that identifies them from other needle-like inclusions such as tourmaline or actinolite. Rutilated quartz is most generally found in massive mineral deposits, rather than as crystals, and can sometimes be found mixed with other needle-like material, such as epidot, tourmaline or actinolite. Titanium is regarded as a prime conductor of energy and as a wonderful tool for amplification and magnification. Accordingly, when found with quartz the combined material is one of the best for connecting, communicating and manifesting, whilst remaining grounded: they are also excellent connectors for humanity and the realms of the Angels. Great depths and profound truths can be accessed using rutilated quartz.


SageniteSagenite is a generic term that may describe quartz or agates that contain OR HAVE CONTAINED needle-like crystals of rutile, tourmaline, goethite, stibnite, asbestos, actinolite, hornblende or epidot (see individual headings). When the structure is vacated, leaving "empty" tubules within the structure, this is a stone for the wise-woman, priest or shaman, enabling safe passage into other worlds, and promoting wisdom and truth over whatever is revealed there. This mineral otherwise promotes discernment and encourages positivity and brings white Light to shine into the nooks and crannies of ones life and environment. Accordingly it is also very cleansing and protective.


Sulphur in quartzSulphur is a very soft and soluble mineral that crystallises in a variety of forms: it is generally found in shades of yellow. Sulphur is VERY cleansing and can be used to clear the energy bodies and/or the physicals body of infections and can help reduce inflammation and swelling. It is more easily tempered when within quartz where it is especially usefully employed on any energy centre of body that needs deep (and rapid) clearing - be aware that this may mean a rather brisk and thorough detox! The Natives of South America use sulphur in ceremonial healings, where they say it brings together the four directions of north, south, east and west plus Mother Earth and Father Sky, to banish darkness and cleanse corruption. NOTE: It is wise not to use this mineral in direct application to make gem remedies, or to handle the pure mineral without washing the hands carefully afterwards.


titanium rutile titanium fire quartzAs a mineral, titanium is a metallic element that is silvery-grey in colour. It may form in masses, spherules or needles, and is the prime component of rutile in its oxidised form (see left-hand picture). Titanium enhances power and energy and increases vitality and banishes fatigue. Some say that this is the mineral of the new consciousness, bearing the seeds of the world to come following transition and that it will strengthen the energy field and deflect negativity, whilst infusing the aura with full-spectrum Light. Titanium is also within what we call "Fire quartz" (see right-hand picture) when it helps provide a vehicle for rapid and profound change and growth.


black tourmaline in quartz green tourmaline in citrineTourmaline in crystalline form forms as prismatic striated crystals in a wide colour range (but most commonly black) and is often found in association with the family of quartz, where it is a common inclusion. In appearance the coloured varieties are easy to identify, although brown-green varieties are sometimes confused with epidot. When looking at black tourmaline it can be confused with actinolite or rutile, but when observed closely it appears denser; tends to be obviously striated down its length; and has a glassy or greasy appearance, rather than being dull or reflective. When found with quartz, the quartz acts to strongly amplify and broadcast the tourmaline's innate energies, which as you might expect are connected with their colour and the chakras. All tourmalines are hugely useful crystals for grounding and balancing the energy bodies according to their colour, and - when in quartz - for diffusing their energies throughout the immediate environs. Quartz with green and pink tourmalines are effective for balancing and opening the heart; with blue and indigo useful to strengthen the throat and 3rd eye; with orange and red are good to energise, clear and ground the lower chakra centres; with black they make a very powerful stone for personal energy protection and for absorbing and clearing the energy field of negative EMFs.


We have copyrighted all material that we have created on these pages (which is ALL of it except where otherwise given credit). You may freely use any of it for private or personal use only, BUT if you wish to use ANY of our copyrighted material OR photographs for publication or as printed or electronic reproduction in ANY shape or form, including copying it to other internet pages or websites, we require that you FIRSTLY contact us for permission. We will then (normally) give you written consent, which will stipulate the extent of the material you may use along with the proviso that you FULLY credit us and this website as the source of your information and also create a web link back to the relevant page(s) of our site.