Using Crystal Grids

Crystal Mandala - Photo Mark Brittain © 2004

This page brings you information that explains how and why we feel the crystal grids (or nets, webs or layouts) we use in so many of our "School of Inner Light" Courses and Workshops work, and why they are so useful. It includes channelled information from some of our Crystal Guides, as well as extracts from our "Crystal Healing Diploma Course". Please note all pages and information on this site is under copyright, and the text about grids is under copyright to our "School of Inner Light" since 2004.


"Energy" (Light) exists all around us, interpenetrating our physical and non-physical bodies as we swim in a Cosmic sea of energy. It has many sources, and all of these affect us to some extent although some have a greater influence than others. Some of these energy fields are organised, some disorganised; some are specific, some non-specific, yet we are within their influence at all times. Grids (aka layouts, energy grids, webs or nets) of crystals are a resonant means of accessing particular energy states by the use of prescribed patterns of crystals or gemstones laid on and/or around a body or specified space. Most are simple yet incredibly powerful. The rule really is "less is more": it is not useful to make grids too complex, or the energies become muddled and confused.

Every single crystal has an energy influence, but when we use crystals in a grid we find that each crystal's innate energy pattern may be modified and / or amplified through the influence of other stones around it. When laid out (with intent) in a pattern, they form a single coherent energy pattern or signature that is strong enough to override other energy signatures or patterns that surround us. By overriding "background" energy influences a grid's specific energy resonance is easily accessible by the body, permitting:
a strong clear signal to be set-up and absorbed by the physical body for innately understood self-healing or adjustments to take place on the physical level;
a strong clear signal to be set-up that will disrupt and breakdown patterns of negative energy within the auric field, which may be adversely affecting the mind, emotions or body;
a specific resonance to be set-up to allow easier awareness of or access to specific energy patterns that exist elsewhere in the multi-dimensional Universe;
and/or a specific resonance to be set-up that supports the soul-body and allows it to travel inter-dimensionally or simply extend its reality and the users conscious awareness out from the physical body more easily.

Many of our workshops and courses involve working with crystal grids - indeed our Crystal Healing and Energy Work Diploma Course teaches you how to compose, create and work with (and understand and interpret) grids yourself. Our grids are designed and/or channelled through Mark specifically for our workshops and courses, with the intention of giving a more tangible experience of the energies of the Beings or archetypes in the context being worked with. For Mark this is an accessing of a deep inner knowing, as well as connecting directly and intuitively with Higher Guidance: he has worked extensively with energy, colour and crystals in past-lives too, and his innate clairvoyance enables him to "see" exactly what he needs, as the Guides "draw" the patterns for him and show him the crystals required and the way in which they should be laid out. Sometimes they forget we are in the 3rd Dimensional world, and ask that they be laid and suspended in 3 dimensions!

Our Guides once explained why grids work as they do, and thus the reason why they are so useful in sensing and experiencing a wide range of archetypal and other energies:

You have wondered about the relevance of grids, and why it is that they are able to give the experiences that they do. To understand this you will need to understand that your non-physical forms are not as they are seen in physicality, but are composed of a more structured and cohesive arrangement of webs and fibres of energy, which are arranged in regular and often geometric patterns. Also your energy fields of non physicality are present in other dimensions, yet with you always, whatever physical 3 dimensional or other dimensional shape that you have taken on for your incarnation / experience. This pattern is unique to you, yet also is a generally recognised pattern, depending on species or root origins. This means that the energy fields set up are individual, yet have a readily identifiable pattern, which determines your "type" (imagine an orange - you know what one looks like, but can appreciate that oranges are not all identical in appearance.) Of course this applies also to every other "type" within the galaxies and universes. Your specific patterns as human incarnations will always react and resonate in a particular way, and so it is that the experiences that humans have when within a crystal energy matrix will be generally similar, but there will be some variations to account for the small yet significant differences which identify you as an individual within a species or group. There is also the matter of small yet significant changes that occur within your patterns as the vibrational fields both surrounding you and of your field itself change - which they do as you acquire knowledge and spiritual intent. As Earth and the beings upon it are advancing, albeit slowly, and their vibrational rates change, so there will be differences in the way in which the individuals' grids interact with the matrix of the crystal grids, and thence with the matrix of the Whole. You have touched upon the existence of the Universal matrix or, as you know it, the Cosmic Lattice. This could be likened to a series of musical strings that will resonate as they are touched or come into contact with other strings of light energy. These resonances confer great energy transfers, and along with the energy comes information - for all things are in fact energy, they simply have different vibrations and thus manifest in different ways.

And so the grids of crystal energy themselves form a set energetic pattern, which resonates within itself, producing what you may refer to as a specific note. This in turn is linked to the universal matrix or lattice, and resonates with whatever is of the same frequency within that lattice. This resonance conveys information in the form of light energy and encoded within this is information which may be accessed and translated / understood by the primeval brain. This is not a derogatory term. It means the parts of the brain which are a part of the "great knowing" (a source or library of information which all have encoded within themselves yet which is not consciously accessed by the usual human means of learning. It is a constant. It is always there. It is not learnt or acquired. But to use it, it has to be accessed, and this is the difficult part for many!) In turn therefore the type and vibratory rate of information released will depend on the other factor we have touched upon - that of the individual's own small yet significant vibrational differences. This means that the individual will determine what they themselves perceive - the same information is within each one of you, yet what is accessed depends on the energetic state of each separate being.

If you vibrate the string of an instrument, and place another string of the same type nearby, it too will vibrate, even though it hasn't been plucked. This resonance has no beginning and no end. It is infinite and vast, yet instantly within conscious reach. Whatever you wish is there for the knowing - the accomplishment of this is only determined by the capabilities of the accessor! I suppose you could say that the crystal grids give you the ability to access the universal matrix with more ease. They act as a go between, an amplifier, a translator between the individuals own energy matrix, and that of the universe. And each crystal grid has within it an identifier, a particular pattern and resonance that is recognisable as a representation of a specific manifestation of energy. This manifestation of energy may take many forms, but each pattern has its own link and thus significance within the library of information carried within each being. That energy which for example you call  Archangel Michael will be identifiable in a similar pattern to many of you, although it is true to say that that energy may manifest as something completely different to another species. It would however be the same energy, it would have the same energetic qualities, but the actual manifestation of it may not be the same. This is because perceptions, which are merely representations of energies in forms that have a constant significance to an individual, are variable. In your world a blind persons perceptions will be different from that of a seeing person - yet it is the same energy that they perceive. Think then of the differences in the perceptions of and for species who are different to yourselves! Yet the energy is the same. It is still "Michael" for example - that is merely your particular label for that energy form! When you return to your non-physical bodies you will understand and remember more about what it is to recognise energetic forms. For us, we see energy interacting with energy and the patterns, colours and fields are of an indescribable beauty. And so too is the movement and the sound of the energies as they interact and resonate with each other and with the energy fields of your own bodies.