CRYSTAL formations:

amethyst cluster
Amethyst Cluster

This page brings you information about the main forms and formations in which crystals and minerals may be found, and explains what this means and its significance from an esoteric perspective, including a little about how the different types may be used and worked with by the healer or intuitive. We have written this page as a consequence of the insights we have gained from working with many different minerals and with the quartz family of crystals in particular over many years. We never fail to be intrigued with the many forms and formations in which the base material, SiO2, manifests. Below we have included information about the main formations, shapes and forms in which many crystals and minerals (including quartz of course!) can be found. ALL mineral types we sell have a mineralogical and/or esoterical description, which will be found at the head of each mineral's page within our on-line shop, and our shop's "formation" categories may also tell you more. If you would like to learn more about crystals and their different forms, formations and uses why not check them out!

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Asterated rose quartzWhen a mineral has traces of specifically aligned fibrous inclusions of rutile within, it can exhibit a special attribute known as asterism. When the mineral is cut and polished (especially into spheres or cabochons) and a light is shone upon its surface it is possible to see a six-rayed or twelve-rayed star reflected back from the surface. The minerals most prone to asterism are rose quartz; ruby and sapphire. Asterated minerals reflect the "king and queen" within us. They remind us of our connection to the Stars and to the Light that shines at the heart of each sentient being. Some say these stones are grounding: I feel that they are "badges" of honour, bestowed upon us by the Spiritual Hierarchy in recognition of (or as a reminder of) a specific task or tasks we have undertaken to perform for the expansion or awakening of the Light for All. In this way they are grounding only inasmuch as they strengthen our commitment and dedication as Lightworkers and help us focus more fully on our life-purpose. The nature of the mineral (see heading of each "mineral" section) will indicate the direction this focus might take.


Kyanite BladeBladed crystals are identified by their form: they grow in definite and very visible platy or striated layers, which makes them useful at addressing layered or buried issues, including past-life; early life; multidimensional and multifaceted concerns. The most common bladed crystals are of the Kyanite family - black kyanite being an exception as this usually forms in radiating fans rather than blades, which means its energies are more intensely focused at the narrow end, and more widely spread at the other. Some forms of selenite may also be defined as "bladed". As might be expected from the name, bladed crystals are useful wherever you might need a cutting implement, or have a need to dissect something to get to its heart, root or centre (whether on a mental, spiritual, emotional or physical level). Bladed crystals are especially useful for protection and in tie-cutting exercises and may also be utilised in some forms of etheric surgery - care should be taken to choose a well-formed crystal without too much additional groundmass material and with nice clean terminations / ends if you are using one for this.


Bridge crystalBridge crystals have one or more smaller crystals penetrating the larger (main) crystal, being partly inside and partly outside it: these are also known as "penetration" crystals. Alternatively the smaller crystal(s) may be embedded into the surface of the larger crystal so that both ends of it can be seen protruding from the main crystal. As the name suggests it acts very much as a bridge might literally do: thus this crystal may be useful for supporting your connections with other people, such as work colleagues, friends or family members; or when teaching or doing anything where ideas, concepts, thoughts or feelings need to be got across to others with more ease. It may also be used as a bridge between the Self and other worlds or Dimensions, such as when working with Guides; journeying between Dimensions; or doing any type of intuitive work or channelling.


CabochonCabochons or Domes have been smoothly polished into domed shapes and have a flat base. These are primarily of use for energising or clearing a localised space, as well as being very pretty to look at - the polishing often reveals the details of the interior structure or enhances its reflective surface, depending on the material worked with. Smaller domes can be held with some comfort in the hand or placed on the body and used in the same way as palm stones, pebbles or tumbled stones. This shape is also popular with jewellery makers for setting into rings or pendants.


candlequartz_small.jpg (5415 bytes)This powerful, ancient and wise crystalline formation is a type of Elestial Quartz. Robert Simmons calls them Celestials, although the name "Candle Quartz" is especially apt, as that describes its appearance very well: that of a candle with waxy drips and runs adhering to its sides. These formations of crystal usually grow in clusters and are often split up during the extraction process. Each crystal has a unique appearance and you can often find a range of attributes with many of them, such as Cathedral, Devic and Trigonic aspects. Several members of the quartz family can take Candle form, the most common being white quartz (usually with a clear inner core), but other quartz family members may more rarely take this form, including amethyst, smoky and citrine quartz. To hold one a candle quartz (especially the larger specimens or clusters) is like holding crystalline Light! They have a purity and High resonance that can be "heard" with the Inner Heart: as you hold one they sing with a High and clear voice and those sensitive to Energy may even feel them vibrate in their hands. All candle quartz make really fabulous personal meditation, journeying and communication crystals. In our experience each of the larger crystals has a Guardian who will work to guide its Keeper and help them access whatever knowledge or information is relevant to them at that time (assuming their intention is pure). As you may imagine these are very special crystals! We have also found that many candle quartz (especially the amethyst ones) resonate with the Highest Angelic energies, including those of the Seraphim, and we use sets of twelve to grid large areas where we want a particularly high energy to be accessed or held.


Carved crystalMinerals are often cut or carved into shapes from "massive" deposits that have not formed as terminated crystals, or to make the best use of damaged or unclean terminated crystalline materials. Carving crystals and minerals creates pieces that can be used as healing tools; items that are useful as personal healing and/or meditation aids; pieces that simply enhance the innate beauty and energies of the mineral; or items that will broadcast the energies of the mineral in a specific or well-defined manner. Minerals are often carved, cut and polished into shapes that carry a spiritual or symbolic form, such as power animals, Angels, Buddhas or skulls. Anything created like this will help connect the user to the energies of the thing / being they depict or the lesson they carry, whilst the nature of the mineral used in its making will imbue it with the attributes and purpose of that mineral on an esoteric and spiritual level.


cathedral_small.jpg (5419 bytes)The most powerful Cathedral formations tend to be large, but the characteristics may also be found on smaller crystals. A Cathedral Crystal has one main body and one main termination, yet there will be other bodies and terminations visible around the sides - they in fact resemble the "flying buttresses" you see supporting churches and cathedrals. These have not grown separately and thus it is only the outer aspects that are seen, the inner sides of these "add-ons" being an integral part of the inner body of the crystal. There is also an indefinable air of spirituality about these crystal formations, for they promote all that cathedrals on Earth represent - a connection to the Divine; a linking of heaven and earth; a means of communication with beings of a Higher order; and all exude an atmosphere of sanctuary, serenity and peace. They are a wonderful meditation and personal growth tool, and deserve great respect. It is quite usual to find that these special crystals have their own guiding consciousness and thus can be worked with in depth for the benefit of both the crystal's Keeper and the planet: accordingly this is a great choice for anyone who is a clear channel for the Light.


Channeler CrystalChannelling crystals are recognised by one of the termination faces (preferably the largest, main or predominant face) having seven sides, and with the opposing face having three sides and (ideally) being a perfect triangle. Mainly these crystals are used as meditation and developmental or personal growth tools to help gain inner clarity and bring light and wisdom into the inner mind. They may also permit certain amounts and types of information to be retrieved, both from the Higher Self and from outside sources of Higher guidance. They will certainly aid and support the channelling process, especially for those just beginning this work. When using one of these formations it can be helpful to rest the 7-sided face against the 3rd eye, or place your thumb over that face whilst your hands rest in the lap: then go within and enter the stillness of your inner space, and see what "comes". You may find that information appears as words, thoughts, feelings, sensations or pictures: these may not make sense at first, but do persevere. Anyone using crystals to make "intuitive" connections must ensure they personally (as well as the crystal) are fully cleared, charged and protected to ensure the source of information is of a high and reliable nature. For more information on the process, you may like to visit our Lightworkers site and page on this subject that explains more.


ClusterMost of the quartz family can be found in cluster formation, but the most common are amethyst, clear quartz and smoky quartz. Clusters are wonderful to help energise a healing or living space with their clarifying and strengthening energies. You can also use smaller clusters to clear and charge small crystals or items of jewellery that need a bit of space and recovery time, or keep a larger cluster somewhere (such as a healing room; lounge or bedroom) where it can help energise and/or clear whatever is within that space. Ensure that clusters are cleansed regularly on an energetic level, so that whatever they give out remains clear and pure. Although crystals can clear and recharge themselves given time (as long as the negativity is not too severe) how often they require proper cleansing does depend of the energies of the space they occupy: thus if there is a lot of negativity around (for example in an unhappy or busy household where there is a great deal happening, or in a therapy room where deep emotional healing takes place) you should clear the crystal cluster more frequently.


Dendritic quartzMinerals sometimes contain branching inclusions in the form of dendritic (fern-like) or mossy shapes. Their colour is usually black, dark brown or green. Dendritic minerals can help with exploration of family issues; genetic conditions; and anything connected with past lives and existences - singly or as a family unit. They also can help with delving to find the "root" of anything that requires resolution in this life. Dendrites may also connect us more strongly with the Earth and with the elementals, especially the gnomes and devas of plants and trees. Interestingly dendritic minerals can also gently support a fragile emotional system, with a delicacy that is usually found only when in the presence of Angels.


Devic crystalDevic crystals are very hard to describe as they tend to have no specific markings. They are much more about the energies that they hold, although many will contain inclusions or veiling that reveals an "inner world", scenes or other markings, which might often be associated with the fairy kingdom or natural world. These are very useful tools and personal meditation or journey crystals for anyone who works with the natural world in healing or other ways; or for those who wish to contact and acquire knowledge directly from the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms. Often those people who have shamanic, fairy or earth-based beliefs systems will be drawn to these crystals, which may have quite a "fey" energy feel to them. Some display patterning that resembles plants, trees or underwater scenes within them, which may define how they work and with whom: others may simply give out the feeling that they hold energies that are unexpected or different, perhaps being very light and  fine; watery; fiery or very deep and earthy.

Double Terminated

Double Terminated crystalDouble Terminated crystals are recognised by having terminations on both ends of a single crystal body. These are ideally both clean and symmetrical single points, but may exhibit other aspects, such as self-healing, elestiation, twinning etc. These are Master crystals at moving energy in whatever way necessary in order to promote or maintain a state of balance, as they permit energy to be flow in/out through either end or simultaneously. They are great at balancing energy between energy centres (chakras); or if placed in a "Star of David" grid (6-pointed star) around the outer energy field (aura) they can help clear and energise the whole body as these are a constant source of energy on tap. DTs are also useful for protection, astral travel, lucid dreaming and for use in meditation and connection to a 2-way flow of information.


Dow crystalDow crystal formations (named after JaneAnn Dow) may also be known as "trans-channeller" or "Temple Heart" crystals. Ideally their structure (when viewed from above) should be symmetrical. The faces of the Dow crystal's termination are formed in a pattern of three x 7-sided faces, interspersed by three x 3-sided faces / triangles. To find this formation is quite rare, and although natural ones are best it is possible to get polished crystals with the same form, and these are equally useful. Dows can be used for either purpose as shown in the "channeller" and "transmitter" sections on this page and are multi-faceted in their use. Additionally they are very important to help in actualising the Christ Consciousness on Earth: this is the ultimate expression of manifesting Heaven on Earth. They are excellent for use in meditation and for re-patterning and clearing all chakra centres and auric layers to enable us to hold more Light. They are also a powerful aid in healing the heart and solar plexus chakra centres and the Higher Heart centre of the Light body.


EggMinerals can be polished into egg shapes. These allow the energy of the mineral to be transmitted outwards through 360 degrees, making them an ideal shape to energise a localised space. This is also an ideal shape for holding in the hands for meditation and / or personal healing. Used in this way they are also useful for opening, clearing and charging the chakras in the palms. The nature of the mineral and /or any interesting inclusions etc. within it will add to the experience of working with it, perhaps in journeying within to communicate with its guardian's wisdom and explore the ways in which it might be used. You never know what it may hatch into!


Elestial crystalElestial crystals (also known as celestial, skeletal or candle quartz) are recognised by having many natural terminations or crystalline structures all over the body and/or faces of a terminated or non-terminated crystal. These "additional" terminations may be pointed, round, square or strangely shaped. Often the crystals may be smoky, or appear singed. They may also resemble a candle that has had wax running down the outside (see also Candle formation). Primarily elestial quartz allow easier contact with the Angelic Realms, and provide a sense of belonging and rightness as well reinforcing our own connections with our Angelic selves. Elestials can provide the user with access to much information relevant to their personal life and path. They help support change and reassure us that everything will be all right, and that death (not necessarily simply of the physical body) is not the end, but merely the start of a new adventure. The layered and/or etched skeletal forms (more usually found in smoky quartz form) will cleanse deeply and get to the heart of things - this can be a hard process to work through, but is hugely rewarding in the clarity and fineness of vibration it brings to the energy field. All elestials are excellent meditation, channelling and personal development pieces and many will have their own crystal guardian or devic consciousness within, which the user can link with and utilise for greater help and guidance.


Enhydro crystalEnhydro crystals are recognised by having spaces within their structure that are filled with water, and which then contain small bubbles of air. These are rare, and are most often to be found within elestiated skeletal quartz crystals; chalcedony "buttons"; or selenite, as these tend to have the basic structure that encourages the formation of these amazing inclusions. Brandburg crystals are especially famous for the frequency of their enhydro inclusions. You need to inspect the crystal very closely and hold it to a light source whilst moving and tilting it from side to side to try to spot a bubble and or movement within. These crystals are one of the best for dealing with emotionally based issues or problems; for healing traumas and pains due to emotional hurts; and in resolution of any heart-centred issues. They help restore inner and outer balance, whilst cleansing and gently healing all wounds. A true "Spirit Level"!


ET crystalET crystals are recognised as double terminated crystals that have one termination that is composed of many small terminated crystals that point away from the main body of the crystal, like the rockets on a space vehicle. These crystals may be used in the same way as DT crystals, but the multi-terminated end will diffuse the energies like a "sprayer": this means it can be useful where there is a need for energies to be spread out over a wider area, permitting a softer but more widely effective energy transfer. Because of the multiple terminations ETs are superior collectors of energy and have self-healed qualities too, making them a useful healing tool. Also as the name suggests, this crystal aids in communicating with off-planet energies and in astral travel - especially for those who enjoy being amongst the stars, or for those who have strong "star roots".


Faden crystalFaden quartz can be easily identified by its "stretch marks"! Fadens are usually flat (see also Tabby / Tabular) and often double terminated (see also DT). At some stage during their growth the earth has moved or shifted, causing the crystals to have a stress-fracture, which subsequently heals to leave a white mark within: this often looks like a twist of cotton thread. Once again a Faden's uses are rather symbolic and they can assist us in recovering from stressful incidents in our lives, or show us how to organise ourselves so that we are less stressed in how we live / what we do. They can also help with healing fractures of all kinds - whether of the mind, body, spirit or emotions. The clarity of the main body of the crystal helps bring in lots of Light and thus can also help to "shed light" on whatever issues are being worked with. Fadens with double terminated growth are also very good connectors, and can help reinforce our connections to people or places or to the realms of spirit. Some Fadens have inclusions and the included mineral will add its own attributes to the overall energy.


Flame carvingOne of the carved shapes minerals can be cut and polished into is that of a flame, usually smooth and rather sensual yet with clearly defined twists and lines. All flame-cut crystals are very pretty and when carved from either very deeply veiled or top-grade translucent material they look stunning when sat in gentle sunlight or under a table lamp. Their shape is very symbolic, bringing the energies of the Flames of Transmutation and the energy of Light (in the broadest sense of the word) into the environment. The flame / fire and energies will depend on the mineral from which the carving has been made: rose quartz for example will hold the Pink Flame of Love and Compassion; clear quartz the Crystal Ray of Clarity and ultimate Truth; Smoky quartz the combined Rays that promote wholeness, clarity and grounded reality; Citrine the Golden-yellow Ray of Wisdom and Amethyst the Violet and Amethyst Rays of transmutation and transformation.


FreeformFreeforms are mineral shapes that have been rounded off or cut and polished with straight edges and faces, but without any specific form. The exact shape tends to depend on the nature of the material - "massive" minerals are more likely to be rounded off, whereas terminated crystals, often because they have sustained damage in the extraction or growth process, tend to be "close-cut" and more linear. Smaller "off-cuts" from the process of working with large pieces to create top-quality spheres, for example, can be polished along their often asymmetrical lines to produce pleasing polished shapes: these can be used in the same way as pebbles, even though they are less rounded to hold. All freeform shapes have a special inner beauty, often enhanced by a good cutter who is able to work with the energy inherent within the crystal. These pieces are nice in any room - the best placement will depend on the mineral. The freeform shapes also demonstrate one of the lessons of water - that of the ability to flow around obstacles with grace, rather than attempting to batter through them. This is a formation that will support resolve, whilst leaving the mind open to alternatives and other choices about how that resolve might be made manifest.


Generator crystalGenerator formations are very hard to find in their natural state, but they may also be carved or cut and polished from larger or massive quartz, in which case their effects and uses are more or less the same. These formations can be recognised by the tops of all six crystal faces joining together at the same point to form a single clean termination. In the ideal world when viewed from above the crystal should look perfectly symmetrical. As its name suggests, this crystal is a superb energy generator. The entire power of the crystal spirals up within the crystal's body in a smooth and even fashion, gathering power as it does so, and then will pour out of the point in one concentrated and powerful flow. As such it will energise on all levels, bring vast quantities of white light into specific areas, and provide a fine focus for group energies. These crystals are very orderly and predictable in their energy flow, which makes them a useful tool when it is necessary to be very precise about how energy is being directed. Larger generators are also wonderful energy amplifiers, and marvellous as a central focus piece when working as a group and/or sending and amplifying distance healing.


GeodeGeodes form mainly in hydrothermic vents, often in hollows formed by gas bubbles or in rock clefts or cracks. They may also be called caves or Madonnas. Most geodes are amethyst, but it is possible to find smoky quartz, clear quartz and chalcedony geodes. An outer "skin" of quartz chalcedony is laid down first, which then encloses a mineral bearing solution: then the terminated beds of crystals grow within their own little "womb". As with clusters, geodes create and maintain a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere for any space, and are especially nice to have within a healing room or meditation space, where they continually emit and direct their energies to enhance the whole area. Their cave-like hollow also makes a good place to charge or clear crystal essences.

Growth Interference

Growth Interference crystalGrowth Interference crystals (also known as Shift crystals) have a rare and unusual formation whereby the quartz has grown alongside other crystals or minerals, which have subsequently been removed from the matrix (often through dissolution) leaving an imprint or markings showing where they once had been. Shift quartz crystals from Dalnegorsk are amongst the best known forms of GI growth: in their case plates of calcite had grown into the quartz and been subsequently dissolved out at some time in their history, leaving lines and marks in the quartz, very much as if they have been "cut" into by sharp saw blades. I have also found the same patterns amongst some candle quartz, and of course Nirvana quartz is also a GI formation. Energetically GIs hold their unique history and show the marks and "wounds" of the changes they have endured over many 1000s of years. Their energy is clear, sharp and high, and very clarifying and illuminating, as if years of ancient wisdoms have been accumulated in silent contemplation, waiting for the right time and person to awaken and utilise what has been stored within. Some have been called "Shift" crystals because this is one of their prime attributes - that of catalysing change when the user is approaching or undergoing a change in energy state, often because of work being done on a personal level that is clarifying and refining their higher Dimensional (Light) bodies.


HeartAs with much about crystals and healing, the patterns in which a mineral forms or is cut carries symbolism, which connects with the uses to which the item can be put. In this case the symbolism is obvious, in that it is carries energies of the heart chakra and of love and compassion. These are lovely shapes to give as a gift between friends, or between parent and child, or between partners and lovers. To determine which might be the most appropriate mineral if choosing as a gift it is best to refer to the individual minerals and then choose what feels or looks right, or whose description best suits the needs you have in mind. I also sometimes use a set of 7 Rainbow Spectrum heart-shaped minerals in a simple chakra layout, whereby a carved heart of the appropriate colour is placed over each chakra: this adds the energies of Divine love (and perhaps more importantly self-love) to the healing experience.


Isis crystalIsis (also known as Goddess or Manifest Spirit crystals) are recognised by one of the faces of the crystal (usually the main or predominant one) having five sides that form a pentagon. Each side does not have to be of equal length, as long as the pentagon is symmetrical through its centre line (i.e. tip to centre of base line). Sometimes all five sides are equal lengths, but this is a rare find. The Isis crystal encourages us to bring the feminine aspect of Divine Spirit into everyday life. If we want to be fully realised beings, then this integration of "spirit : reality" ; "feminine : masculine" is imperative. This formation also encourages balancing of the emotions and allows our true feelings to be expressed through the heart chakra and into everyday life. Although also called a "Goddess" crystal it is not only useful for women, but also for men who are trying to integrate their male/female sides or who need to bring their intuitive/creative feminine side more into prominence. It is also ideal for very sensitive people and for the Indigo and crystal children and for all those that feel a pull towards the Divine Feminine energies. The Isis crystal is also comfort for the dying and for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one through death or separation, or for anyone who has a broken or damaged heart.


Key crystalKey crystals are recognised by having a (usually) six-sided indentation going into a side or face of the body of the crystal. This indentation should ideally end within the crystal in a clear impression of a termination, showing where the other crystal once penetrated into the main one, before at some stage becoming removed. Perfect key crystals are quite rare. As the name suggests this crystal may be used to unlock "doors"; to help provide answers; to help in accessing something that is hidden or lost (not necessarily on the physical plane); or for problem solving of all types. Key crystals are also good to use in meditation and for personal development, especially when working on life-path and directional issues.


Laser crystalThe laser crystal is also known as a "Merlin" and is recognised as being (usually) a long slender crystal, which tapers from base to tip. As a consequence the faces to the termination are much smaller than would be usually expected from a quartz crystal. It is thought by some that laser crystals were created by off-planet beings. Sometimes three alternate sides are etched or striated, whilst the three sides in between them are completely smooth and clear. This lends it to holding Lemurian energies and some wands with etchings or markings on were used in ancient healing temples of Lemuria, and information from that time may be accessed through one of these. As a meditation tool and personal development tool the laser wand allows a fine level of communication with the higher self and other worlds. They also can be used for protection as they emit a clear white light that forms a protective barrier. Because energy is emitted from a laser crystal in a very fine, tight beam, it is often used for psychic surgery, or for cutting etheric ties or cords. This is not to be attempted by a novice however, and care must always be taken not to randomly "wave" it through the aura, as the energy emitted from the termination can slice through the aura with ease. To avoid this happening always keep a finger or thumb over the termination when holding but not using it.


LemurianLemurian crystals are said to hold the energies of the ancient past civilisation of Lemuria - the Lemurians being a peaceful race of people who lived a natural and earth-based lifestyle and who were proficient at working with and using natural remedies and healing methods. This was an age of the feminine energies being to the fore, and of a calm, well-balanced and matriarchal order. It is said that those crystals that were seeded with the knowledge and wisdom of that age are opened once more to us today, and we may access these energies through meditation or journeying, or by stroking the fingertips over the ridges on the sides of the crystal, or by placing one of the faces gently against the 3rd eye. All Lemurian crystals tend to be tapered, almost in a "laser" formation, and to have ladder-like grooves horizontally crossing the sides, and with a very clear interior. Originally it was said that they could only be found in the Diamantina region of Brazil, but in fact many fine crystals with identical markings and energies are coming to Light from many different countries. It is also possible to have Lemurian influences within clear, smoky, citrine and included quartz.


LightburyThe same attributes as Cathedral formations apply to Lightbury (some call these Library formations) crystals, along with many of the principles of the elestials. Basically there is no specified definition of the shape and formation of a Lightbury crystal except they tend to have more complex structures than the normal quartz crystals, and hold a larger quantum of Light and accompanying information, which can be accessed through meditation and journeying. They tend to have a finer and higher resonance and emit a stronger vibration than many of the usual forms of quartz, which the person sensitive to energy flows will be able to discern when they hold or touch one. Most of these will have specific over-lighting consciousnesses / Guardians, who will work closely with the crystal and its keeper.

Lightning strike

Lightning StrikeLightning strike crystals are very rare, and tend to be quartz. They have grown close enough to the surface to have been contacted by a lightning strike that has penetrated very deep into the ground. This shows on the surface of the crystal as a "running" series of glassy-edged "chips", usually to the edges and / or termination of the crystal. They also give the crystal a very "zingy" energy. These are useful for personal healing or growth, especially when a fast and intense period of change is looming and one needs the extra energy boost to make the shift required - I associate them strongly with Archaeon Metatron. These formations are also very "illuminating" and will help shed Light on many subjects that might be under consideration. They say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place - with these they might!


Manifestation crystalA manifestation crystal is recognised by the existence of another smaller crystal (or multiple crystals) totally enclosed within the main crystal. NO aspect of the inner crystal must penetrate the surface of the outer one for it to be a true manifestor - if they do, then these are regarded as "bridge" or "penetration" crystals. The inner crystal should also be of the same family as the main crystal and NOT a different mineral (see "included crystals"); NOR should it be a phantom (see "phantom"). True manifestation crystals are extremely rare and a very valuable addition to ones life and spiritual tool box! They may be used to help you manifest anything that you require, which must be something that you REALLY want, and which is something for your highest good. They are excellent meditation and dream stones, and aid in all life path work, decisions and purposes. Manifestors will also enhance all creativity and transformation and growth.

negative manifestorThere are also some crystals that APPEAR to have manifestors within them, but closer inspection of these shows that the inner enclosed "crystal" appears to be more rounded and less well defined than you might normally expect: if you see one like this, this is what is known as a "negative" crystal. This is not a term to be feared - the name merely refers to an inclusion that LOOKS like a solid crystal, but which is in fact empty space that has not been "filled" with any solid crystalline structure. Close inspection shows these open spaces or empty vessels to look more rounded at their edges and faces; and/or to appear less structured or well-defined than solid crystals, yet these NEGATIVE MANIFESTORS have the same esoteric properties as a manifestor, but with more freedom for whatever you truly wish for to BE, without condition or constraint - and so are a valuable addition to any collection.

Palm Stone

Palm StonePalm stones are a useful item to have in your collection, being larger and therefore usually more powerful than a tumbled stone, yet still being easy and comfortable to carry in a pocket or bag. They are also a good shape to use in body layouts where you need to cover a slightly larger area yet still maintain good contact with the body; or to use as a focus stone for another crystal that can be laid on top of it (we sometimes use clear quartz palm stones to amplify smaller tumbled stones' energies, or specific minerals that work well in combination together, such as a rose quartz palmstone topped with a green jade over the heart chakra; or a clear quartz palmstone topped with an orange calcite where more "oomph" is required over the sacral chakra). Being flatter than pebbles and larger than tumbled stones they also tend to show the inner beauty of the stone more fully.


PebbleIt would be easiest perhaps to describe a "pebble" as being an extra-large tumbled stone. They are rounded off stones that have usually been cut and polished from massive deposits or from incomplete or damaged crystals, yet that are larger than the usual tumbled stones. They are sometimes less suitable for use in body layouts than palmstones or tumbles due to their size, but do make very comforting pieces to hold in the hands for healing or meditation, or to simply to leave on a table or shelf to enhance a space with their energies and beauty. Holding larger pieces like this can bring balance and healing through the hands into the body: perhaps try a smoky quartz pebble in each hand to assist clearing and grounding; or a rose quartz in one hand and a clear quartz in the other to promote clarity and self-love.


Phantom quartzPhantom formations are used crystals that show inner lines, layering or "ghosts" within them. These layers may be partial or (more rarely) full phantoms and can be found in a range of colours including green, white, grey, black, red and brown. The colour of the phantom indicates the nature of the mineral deposited: generally green = chlorite or epidot; white = asbestos or kaolinite; red / orange = iron / hematite or cuprite; black = manganese or carbon. The phantoms might be of a completely different mineral than that of its host if a new mineral has been temporarily introduced into the seed / feed solution during the crystal's growth; or may have appeared as a consequence of changes or mutations to the minerals within the usual feed solution; or it may be that changes have occurred to conditions that affected the crystal's growth within the earth surrounding the mineral, such as increased /decreased heat or pressure. When discerning the uses of the phantom the attributes of the mineral within that has created the phantom effect also will have an effect on the overall energies of the crystal. The fact that layers are within the crystal is symbolic and points to the crystal being of use when dealing with buried or layered issues, or when accessing information that occupies a different level of reality, time or Dimension. Just as the phantom shows the crystal's history, so too can it show our past to us. Phantom crystals are also useful for all aspects of earth healing, and in accessing past-life information. It is an amazing tool for meditation and for accessing information in the sleep state and may also be used to help one meet with spirit guides. Phantom crystals are very protective, and useful for working with through states of depression and grief, being useful to support all periods of change. Chlorite phantoms are excellent healers; white phantoms connect with angelic energies; red phantoms are energising and grounding; black phantoms are spiritually grounding and uplifting; whilst any other specific mineral included types will have their own qualities.


PyramidA pyramid formation is usually the traditional 4-sided shape that we associate with ancient civilisations such as Egypt or Peru and can help connect us with the archetypal energies of those ancient civilisations. You may also find pyramids cut with 3 sides, when they can help connect with the element of fire, supporting transformation and growth. The energy of the pyramid is broadcast in a concentrated beam UP from the tip; gently to either side through the 3 or 4 faces; and in a concentrated manner down through the base. We find that 4-sided pyramids can be useful when placed beneath a therapy couch to direct energy upwards into the energy field, or for meditation, when one may be placed beneath the chair or held in the hands.


Rainbow crystalRainbow crystals are recognised by the presence of rainbows within the crystal. These have usually come about through veiling or internal fractures, which refract the light resulting in lovely colour-play. Rainbow crystals are happy chappies, and often damaged crystals will repay our care by showing us rainbows as they begin to heal and respond to us. I am a great champion of neglected crystals, and have found that chipped, cracked or damaged crystals that I have "rescued" from sad little places make lovely windowsill crystals or, when kept in a glass dish on the desk or by a telephone, act as a reminder that all life's tribulations are fleeting and that life's lessons eventually bring joy. All angelics and light beings respond well to rainbow crystals, and small children especially love them (although don't allow small children to hold or play with them unattended for safety's sake.)

Record Keeper

Record KeeperRecord Keeper crystals are recognised by the existence of small etched or raised triangles on the termination faces or sides of the crystal. They are usually found on the faces, and may be small or large; very obvious or hard to see; single ones or multiples - sometimes layered. Look out for these markings on crystals other than the quartz family, as they can be found on many other crystal types, including ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, topaz, hematite etc. Record keepers are not very rare, but very clear and prominent ones are quite hard to find - when buying a crystal you need to inspect all the faces carefully in a very good light to spot them. These triangles indicate that here you have a crystal within which particular records or information have been stored. This information may be relevant to only the person who owns the crystal, or may be relevant to mankind as a whole and may be purely practical, or totally spiritual. It may also allow access to sources of higher information, either through the Higher self, or from the Akashic records. Information may be accessed via record keepers through meditation, but only when you approach the crystal with pure intentions and due reverence. Triangles that have an arched upper point (looking like a church window arch) are "CELESTIAL RECORD KEEPERS", and as such the information accessed is of or from the Celestial realms in particular - these are excellent crystals for contacting Angelic guides or beings. Sometimes DOWNWARD pointing triangle occur - these too are rare (see "Trigonic")


Scanner crystalScanner crystals are recognised by a having a wedge shaped appearance, rather like a chisel. They do not terminate in a point, but in a horizontal line. These crystals may be used for scanning the body prior to bodywork, or for scanning anything you wish to have more information about. With the crystal in your receiving hand, pass it a few inches above whatever you need to be scanned, leaving the mind open to receive visual or other impressions. It may also be used as a tool help to smooth out energy knots or dissolve blockages in the auric field, using it in gentle sweeps through the energy field and aura.


Quartz SceptreThe symbolism of the sceptre formation is obvious: that of Kingship or rulership. The sceptre in Western civilisations is equivalent to the Flail (or nekhakha) in Ancient Egyptian symbolism, where it was held by the Pharaoh to symbolise his solar and authoritative side; the three aspects of his being (the Pharaoh being the earthly representative of all the Neters (gods) who had 3 levels of hierarchy - metaphysical, cosmic and terrestrial); and that of the prudent farmer - provider of sustenance and guardian of all that grows or lives upon the land. To work with the sceptre formation is to take ownership of one's life and all that is within our control, and to act with wisdom and kindness in all things. To meditate with this form will help us understand more about our Divine nature, and to find where we have used (or abused) our Powers in the past, and then to know how to redress the balance.

Seed Crystals

Seed crystalSeed crystals are also known as Barnacle quartz They are recognised by having some part of their surface, sides or faces, sprinkled with other much smaller tiny crystals, mostly laying upon the surface, but sometimes penetrating within the walls of the main crystal. This adds to the overall energy of the crystal, but means that its' energies can be less specifically directed when using it to move energy from one point to another. Sometimes the main crystals is known as a teacher crystal, and all the little ones are attached to it to learn from its wisdom. This infers therefore that these crystals hold a special source of wisdom or knowledge, and can be used like a mini data-bank.

Self Healed

Self Healed crystalSelf-healed crystals are recognised by having either many small terminations or similar crystalline structures at the base or tip of its body, indicating where it has been broken off from its growth base or been otherwise damaged during growth: it has then attempted to continue growing to repair the damage and restore its state of perfection. Some self-healed crystals exhibit a complete fracture across the crystal, which has subsequently mended and grown back together again. Some self-healed crystals will change their growth pattern so that many smaller terminations form, one to each area of damage. This knowledge of how to self-heal can be made available and accessible to the user and so this crystal is very powerful when used for healing the self or others. Self-healed crystals are an ideal choice for use in cases of grief, trauma, guilt, loss, addictions and fears. They show us that it is possible to become perfect, regardless of what life throws at us, and reminds us that there are many different versions of "perfection" in the eyes of the Creator.


Skeletal crystalSkeletal crystals are a particular type of elestial crystal (usually found only in the quartz family) that occurs when the growth of the crystal is affected by changes in the temperature or pressure that speeds the growth from the faces / edges, but does not allow enough time for the whole crystalline matrix to be completed. This leaves layers of trapped liquids and/or gasses to be held within the crystalline layers that have built up around the foundation of the matrix, and which can look quite amazing. (A bit like layers of thin ice that form over puddles of water in the winter!) Skeletal crystals are also categorised as elestials, and can be used in a similar way, but have a special energy that is much less defined than the usual elestial, seeming somehow less structured or complete. This actually makes the energy much less confined and more free-flowing, although the flow may appear to be more random and less easily directed. Accordingly this is an excellent crystal for true and free exploration, where structure and discipline might be a hindrance, rather than a help. Additionally any enhydros (trapped water / liquids - see "enhydro") can be powerful at assisting deep emotional release and rebalancing.


SliceMassive minerals can be cut into slices and left raw, or be given a polish. Partly polished slices or wedges of material have the dual benefit of one side being mirror-like and thus revealing the inner and outer beauty of the mineral, whilst the parts that are left raw allow one to see and marvel at the complexity of the "nooks and crannies" that are to be found with the natural rock. The rough faces of these pieces may have fascinating little nodules or drusy cavities, giving an insight into how the mineral has grown within the earth. These are lovely display pieces for any room or space, and will happily broadcast their energies in a very subtle way!


SphereMany crystals and minerals can be cut and polished into beautiful spheres and the quartz family especially all take a polish really well. Size and grade of material (and its rarity) tends to determine the price of any sphere - bear in mind that the carver has to begin with a much larger piece of material in order to create a sphere Spheres allow the energy of the crystal to be transmitted outwards through 360 degrees, making them an ideal shape to energise a space or room. This is also an ideal shape for holding in the hands for meditation, and any interesting inclusions, rainbows or minerals within the quartz add to the experience of working with the sphere, perhaps in journeying within the mineral to communicate with its guardian's wisdom, and explore with them the ways in which it might be used.


Starseed crystalStarseed crystals have unusual marking along their sides or faces, like a tiny shower of "V" shaped indentations. These crystals are thought to have these marks, looking like miniature meteor showers, to indicate that they contain information or energies that come from "off-planet" locations. Accordingly this is a useful crystal to work with when you are communicating with ET space brotherhood members or for journeying out of body or in astral travel. Those with "star roots" or who work closely with off-planet sources may be drawn to these: again it is advised to use discernment when connecting with unknown energies in order to ensure the highest and most trusted connections are made, and not be beguiled by personal ego. There are many races out there who truly wish to assist Earth-beings: but care does need to be taken to identify the sources that are truly working for the Light.

Tabby / Tabular

Tabby crystalTabby (Tabular) crystals are flat crystals, designated thus as having two opposing sides that are more than twice as wide as the remaining four sides. They often have notches or striations on these wider sides that are like stores or filing cabinets of knowledge, which may be accessed simply through placing the hands on them or running the fingertips lightly across their surface. Tabbies act very much in the same way as bridges - connecting, integrating, balancing and smoothing all energies. They also are great aids for communication on and between all dimensions. Sometimes when gently tapped with the fingernail they emit a bell-like sound.

Time Link crystalTime Link crystals are also known as "portal quartz" or left / right "activation" crystals. These crystals are recognised by the presence of parallelogram shaped window faces to the right or left side of the base of the main face of the crystal. Some crystals may have more than one of these windows below different faces. These crystals are sometimes wrongly defined as window crystals: a true window is an upright, symmetrical diamond and not a parallelogram (see "window"). Time link crystals permit access to information regarding the future (when the parallelogram is on the right hand side) and the past (when the parallelogram is on the left). Use these in meditation or for working with others who have a need or desire to know this information. It is very much a tool for personal growth, and for channelling and psychic work. It also teaches us the true value and reality of time(!)


Transmitter crystalTransmitter crystals are identified by having two 7-sided faces with a single 3-sided face (triangle) between them. When found in combination with a channeller, it becomes a DOW (also known as a trans-channeller). Ideally the faces should be symmetrical, and the 7-sided faces of equal size. This formation is an ideal tool for personal growth, providing the means to access and connect with highest wisdom. When questions or thoughts are clearly defined, they may be "beamed" though the crystal with a willingness to clearly receive information in return. They aid communication with the Higher self, guides and Masters. They also help one to develop intuition and telepathy and may also be used to broadcast healing energy to places or situations.

Trigonic / Trigonal

Trigonic crystalTrigonic is a term coined by Robert Simmons to refer to crystals that have markings or indentations on their sides or faces that resemble UPSIDE-DOWN triangles / record-keeper markings (see "record keeper"). He says that these are stones of transition and for those who wish to / are able to travel into the realms that exists between worlds and Dimensions. This might included soul retrieval work or past-life healing, and can even included visioning and travel into the future. This is the ideal crystal for the shamanic practitioner, but care is required when working with them to have moved from the "ego-self" to the planes of Unity consciousness. Usually these are found within quartz: the picture above shows Trigonic markings on a Danburite crystal.


TripletTriplet crystals are identified as having one common body or base, and yet three terminations: these may be from a single end or from two. These crystals can help in cementing and harmonising relationships of all kinds, and the triplets are really useful in deepening the bonds between three people (usually within a family or business unit, but also perhaps within a small spiritual network). They symbolise union, and enhance compatibility between small groups of friends or working colleagues, or within smaller family units. Sometimes you will find that two of the terminations are larger than the third, which to me identifies them as "parents" and "child" crystals: as such these are nice to have in the home as a reminder of the true meaning of the word "family".


TwinTwin crystals are identified as having one common body or base, and yet two terminations. These crystals help in harmonising and strengthening relationships of all kinds, and the twins are really useful in deepening the bonds between two people (usually partners). They symbolise union, and enhance compatibility on many levels As might be expected, the "twin" crystal (where there are two terminations arising within a single crystal) is lovely to share with friends or lovers, or to give as a gift for a couple or partnership. The crystal shows the bond and closeness that can be had from such a relationship, and how burdens can be shared and thus lessened, or joys shared and thus enhanced when a true and caring relationship / partnership is made possible. Ideally the two crystals and terminations should be of equivalent sizes, but sometimes it is important that a "smaller / lesser" seeming aspect is able to participate in and contribute to the energies of the whole.


WandMost wands are cut and polished from massive material. A wand does not have to be complex or fancy to do a great job of work doing general clearing and charging work in the aura - in which case a massage wand with one rounded end and one terminated end is the best tool. Some wands however are cut very precisely in order to be used as a tool for more complex work, including surgery and repair in the auric field or for the energy bodies. This work should not however be undertaken by the layperson, as you really need to see and understand what you are doing to work effectively and not (inadvertently) cause harm to the energy matrix. The best wands to use for this type of work are those designed by Marcel Vogel - he trademarked his wand designs, and so only true "Vogel" wands should be called by this name. Basically these wands of his cost hundreds of pounds each - so if you are offered a "Vogel" wand for less than this it is NOT the real thing (an energy worker will be able to tell this by feel) OR it will have fallen off the back of a lorry! Many other cutters do however imitate the designs and some have a much clearer feel than others - we have a few decent cut wands that have a similar quality to their energy. "Bog-standard" wands are fine for general work, but do try to choose one that is clean and symmetrical to ensure the right energy flow.


Window formationWindow crystals are recognised by having a 7th face, being a perfect diamond, placed symmetrically at the connecting corners of the baselines of two of the other faces. The window should be a good size and must be totally symmetrical: if not, they are parallelograms - these are time link crystals, not windows. True window crystals are very rare. These crystals are powerful teachers, and supply us with a window through which we can see beyond illusions and into the reality of the Self. It will help one to see through barriers; to recognise obstacles and how to overcome them; to access new points of view and to gain a clearer picture of whatever we need to know to progress. They make wonderful personal meditation crystals when we are willing to truly see ourself exactly as we are!


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